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yeah i wanted to do that anyway
dirty or clean?
can we do dirty and ill remix my person in a sec
lol sry i was eating and i remixed mine^
the bio isn’t long but imma make it longer eventually
*i come home from work and walk into my house*
*hugs you back* “my boss made me stay and work a longer shift.. i missed you too” *smiles*
(no not yet) “umm sure!” *thinks god hes so cute*
*puts on a random movie* *whispers under my breath* “your so cute”
“w-what nothing”
*blushes and gets rlly red*
“then what did i say” *giggles and blushes more*
“your right” *smiles and kisses you softly*
“i’m glad.. i feel so so loved when i’m with you”
*i gently pet the back of your ears* “love you too.. *kisses your head*
*leans my neck to the side and continues petting*
*kisses you back and pets a little more aggressive*
*whispers in your ear* “you like that? “ *continues petting* ( okay ttyl)
*kisses your head and continues petting*
*plays with your hair and starts to fall asleep*
*the next morning*
(imma delete all these extra comments btw so we don’t get confused)
(by the time u see this they will be deleted already)
*feels you kiss me and smiles in my sleep*
*feels you wake up* “good morning love”
(okayyy that’s fine)
(just lmk when ur back)
*blushes a little*
“i-i mean d-do you want to?”
*i stand up and come knock on the door* “i’m sorry if i embarrassed you i didn’t mean to make u feel uncomfortable”
(okay lol)
“yay” *kisses you back* (okay cool)
*picks you up and has you wrap your legs around my waist*
*i lean my neck to the side and start walking around with you in my arms*
(yea sure)
“no where.. we are just going to walk around for a while but if you want to go somewhere specific i can take you there”
(ohhh no i didn’t have anything to ask u i was just bored lmaoo) *walks to the kitchen and sets you down on the counter* “want smtg to eat?”
(i just wanted to say hi to u lol also is he shaking his head yes or no)
(okay lol i’m dumb) “you sure?”
*picks you back up* “hmmm where shall we go next”
*goes into the living room and sits down on the couch so you are on my lap*
“me toooo” *kisses you softly* “but you’re cute”
“mmm your cuter”
*smiles and puts my hand on the side your face* “you’re so red”
“n-no it’s okay.. it’s cute”
*grunts quietly*
“mm~ b-baby what are you d-doing”
“n-no i’m g-good with this” *kisses you hard*
“l-love you..”
*bites my lip*
“took you long enough to say something” *giggles and picks you up*
“aww i’m sorry baby” *kisses the tip of your nose*
“okay then” *smiles and walks us out to the car, puts you in the passenger seat and i get in the drivers side* “where to?”
*wraps my arms around you* “how are we going to get anywhere if you are on my lap?” *giggles and kisses your forehead*
*giggles quietly and drives to a quiet park*
“i dunno... you want to go somewhere else?”
“okay” *starts the car again* (well it’s 2 in the morning so i need to go to sleep but i usually wake up around 8 or 9 so i will be on then)
( hi sorry so can we please do that rp with three of us )
*grunts* “e-eli you are making me h-h*rny” (lyly what do u think)
(that’s a little weird since she was asking us abt making a chatpage but i’ll ask her why)
“mm~ “
((it’s okay))
(( ooh I’m so sorry my friend blocked her by accident but you can always make the chat page ))
( ilyily im soooooooooooo sorry )
(okayyy byeee ttyl)
“i-i l-like t-that”
*blushes and kisses you* (okay gn sleep tight 😌)
*continues kissing you but kisses you harder as the minutes go by* (hahah and i’m soooo sorryyyyy i fell asleep on the couch last night and didn’t wake up 😹 )
*smiles because i know you are happy and strokes your tail gently* ( its okay )
*continues stroking* (okayyyy lol mine is starting when u are asleep)
*smiles because your moans are cute* "its okay baby your moans are cute"
“y-your moans are really c-cute” *blushes and takes my eyes off focus of you* (sorrrryyyy i just woke up and i have online school so i’ll be on)
*touches your face and giggles quietly* “your all red”
( it’s okay and sorry i was eating my breakfast)
*drives back home and finds you snuggled up under the covers on your bed* “i-i’m s-sorry...”
(i gtg because i have live class... if your still on i’ll be on in about 45 mins)
*comes and sits on the bed and doesn’t say anything*
(okayyy byeee)
*smiles softly and blushes a bit* (so sorry i just woke up)
*i turn around and grab you and pull you onto my lap*
“holding you” *wraps my arms around you*
( it’s okay )
*smiles* “i like that hoodie on you”
*kisses you back and looks at you cutely*
“i-i’m not trying too” *grunts because you hit a soft spot and pushes your hands away*
“s-soft s-spot” (aww okayyy)
*blushes* “mhm...”
*blushes a lot* “well if that’s what you want....” *takes off my shirt*
*leans my neck to the side* “mm~ that feels good” (okayyyy tty when you wake uppp)
"mm~ " *slowly moves my hands down to your a** * (hiii and also sorry i have been rlly busy with school work today and im still working lmaoo)
(also i just wanted to let you know that my mom made my s t u p i d time limit on my phone shorter so i am on my laptop lmaoo)
*leans my neck further to the side* "b-baby i-im getting h*rny* (tehe im in bed)
*grunts when you bite my neck* (heyyy i’m back)
“s-sorry i d-didn’t m-mean too” ( its fineee lyly)
*follows you out* "baby i thought you wanted to get f**ked"
*walks over to you and grabs your waist from behind and whispers in your ear* "but i wanna f**k you" ( its okay and your lucky because i dont get breaks and im not allowed to have my phone durng school )
*i let go of your waist and walk into the kitchen* (sorryyyyy i just woke up)
( oh and luckily i’m doing online school rn so i can be on my phone whenever i want )
*walks back to you and grabs your waist again* “oh rlly?” (sorryyyy i was eating)
*smirks and squeezes your a** and carries you back to the bedroom* ( its okayyy)
*grabs ur tail and strokes it gently* (lmaoo that s u c k s )
“o-oh s-sorry” ( sorryyyy i just woke up)
(also why do i feel like your followers have been going down??)
*starts stroking your tail again* (yeah give me one sec)
*smiles and blushes a bit and continues stroking* (i commented on two of the posts ✨)
“i know...” *takes off my shirt* ( it’s okay )
“then come here!” *takes off my pants but leaves my boxers on and puts you on my lap while i’m laying down* ( it’s fine)
*blushes a lot* “why are you staring”
*blushes more* “o-oh...”
“y-yes p-please”
“o-oh m-my g-god..... s-so t-tight” *grabs your waist and helps you bounce up and down slowly*
*kisses you back harder*
*starts l!cking your neck and kissing it*
*starts making a hickey on your neck and l!cks it and bounces you harder and faster*
*feels the c*m going onto me and shoves every inch of my d**k into you* “c-can i c*m i-inside you p-please”
“thanks” *smirks* “i’m g-gonna~~” *c*ms a huge load inside of you and leans my head back*
“o-oh o-okay” *stands up* “imma go take a shower...”
(aww okayyy)
“okay..” *walks with you to the bathroom*
*gets into the tub with you*
*giggles quietly* “your so cute” (okayyyy byeeeee talk to u when u wake up)
“i know it feels rlly good”