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okay guys, any ideas?
I say one person gets pngs, one gets bg, and one get text/quote!
sound great!!
I can get background
okay perfect! I’ll do text/quote!!
blossombear, you do pngs first?
we might have to go to her account to let her know about the group chat, she might not know about this
oh i’m sorry!!! i’ve had a very busy schedule lately but yes i can do the png !!
please comment if your not a fan of the pngs !! i can redo to polaroid if y’all don’t like it for the text?? i just like using polaroids but i’m happy to fix it if your not a fan !!😁
I love it all! looks wonderful! can’t wait to see what it looks like with the text! good job ladies!
I remixed it! tell me what you guys think!