🏔 1-8-22 🏔 

Hey, Bluebells! Hope you all are having a great new year!! 
Qotd: Fav weather?
Aotd: snow or sunshine!


🏔 1-8-22 🏔 Hey, Bluebells! Hope you all are having a great new year!! Qotd: Fav weather? Aotd: snow or sunshine!

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this is so pretty!
omg I love the quote
we can post it whenever!! and yeah i added some overlays, i’ll remix it to the chatpage
even though we don't agree on the same thing thank you for being so respectful about it!
Ik it’s so upsetting I feel so bad
gorgeous bTw
yes it’s so unfair bec she was just being nice and PC shoul change that
it’s so annoying bec she didn’t have them saved on her iPad so she can’t repost
Ik I love her collages I honestly just ignore the h8 page but it’s so annoying that it made her collages go down
your collages are amazing and gorgeous
pretty 🤩
i really like the way you’ve done the text
Ik!!! literally not ok
thank you! and yess ravenclaw buds !! 🦅🦅
omg that looks amazing! Great job on this one
Love this ❤
aotd: snow ❄️!!!
of course, how have you been?
hiii! want to do a collab
wanted to let yk i love ur collage style
bc i didn’t know about so many supporters (no offense i’m sorry) and my parents may not wnat me on here :( i’m sorry too!
thank you! and i’m sorry we had such a hard time earlier. i wasn’t trying to offend anyone, just standing up for what i believe, just like you do. 😊
thank you!
Awwww thank you!❤️
hi I’m Lauren ❤️
this is so pretty 💗
This is absolutely stunning!! Aotd: Sunny ☀️ or Thunderstorm ⛈💕Have you started school yet?
AMAZING :OO @caption rain :]
your welcome
i looove this one!!😍🥰 aotd: i really like rainy days tbh
you know I love your collages so you can add this one as well ❤️
hi laura! i'd love to be friends!
ik my username is liliana, but i got by lily!
liliana is just more aesthetic 😭😂
also this is so gorgeous! i love the text! how did you do it?
a: i love light snow that makes the world look like so bright!
this is so gorgeous!
I love the text!
aotd: same here 😂
awe thank you!
thank you 🤍
thank youuuu
@caption I love the summer when it’s breezy sunny type but when there is snow there is no school and snow days are so fun so kinda same here 😂
pretty good thanks
Pretty good! wbu?
Haven't started yet. We go back on the 1st of Feb! I think it's because we are in different time zones. How's yours?
Aw man I’m sorry to hear about that friend of yours irl. I can’t say I’ve had that problem, but I’m also aware that I am incredibly lucky to have a group of friends that are low drama.
I do understand feeling left out though, and I’m sorry you have to go through it… you’re a wonderful person and I’m sure if you talk with them about it, both Carrie and Tara will understand 💕
if you don’t mind, could you re explain the pc “friend” situation? from what I understood, there’s someone copying your style, and more well known collagers are asking that person to be friends?
that’s really annoying, especially when you work so hard on your style and maintaining friendships.
I am honored that you think I’m well known though hahaha. I don’t think that’s true 😅
ahh ok I see. no worries at all, I have bad reading comprehension sometimes haha
dang that’s crazy, I definitely have seen people like that before. it’s for sure frustrating
and yeah haha anytime! I’m happy you trust me to tell me, and you can always come talk to me if you need to! ✨