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OOOF sAME. my friend doesn’t listen to her music but lOVES HER. and I just don’t really like her. I find her sooooo annoying idek why😂
I don't like her either. she's like that girl in highschool everybody hates, but can still manage to be popular and date a new guy every week. she's so easy to edit but because there a a lot of versatile photos of her.
I've seen a lot of videos of her telling people she wishes her fans would die and stuff. And then there's that whole donut scenario
exactly! however after the whole Manchester attack she seems to have redeemed herself a little bit
ig she's ok, but on twitter when someone from her management twitted something shady about an ex member of exo, she liked it and in the twitte the person claimed that the ex member was using bots to increase the sale of his albums and like wth dude, u shouldn't claim someone is doing something unless u have prove
OMG SAME...Every darn girl in my grade loves her but she sounds so nasally
she can sing beautifully, but I don’t like her attitude.
same ^
^^ I agree with Hailey ♥️🙌🏼
^^yeah I agree she has really good songs and her voice is amazing but idk her attitude is kind of meh
she’s a great singer but I’m personally not a fan of her songs and I’m not a fan of her social media presence. I kinda feel like a lot of her popularity is from the things that have happened to her and just from social media in general and not necessarily from her talent, though she is pretty talented.
I like only two of her songs and her voice is great, but I’m not a die hard fan she’s really pretty though
That’s fine, her voice is amazing but I’m not really I to her songs and I don’t have any social media so her presence isn’t really know to me.
yep cool👍🏻
oOf thanks man
i like a few of her songs, but ariana in general is🤷‍♀️
I mean she has a good voice range but I don't really like her songs
she has to much attitude (donut thing)
it’s me!
wow omg we r like twins I don’t like her either
I only post a collage of her here and there like my recent of her new song thank u next but I don’t like her at all
and her name is queendom-
ayy i love mint too 💕 its so refreshing
I don’t like her as a person cause she is rude but I like her voice
she’s been through a lot and seem like a great person (also I love her style) but I’m not a big fan of her voice (that’s just my opinion though) 💞💞
i like some of her songs and to me, i don’t really know a lot about her other than her music so i don’t really have a definite i like her i don’t like her opinion..
but i mean to a person who just knows music,, then they might say that they like her.
but what’s the donut scenario?
her attitude is... um.. yeh. but her voice is amazing! I personally like Halsey better anyway. (and Dean Lewis and Vance Joy, twenty one pilots, P!ATD and this one song but over all nah. Ariana Grande has an amazing voice but her attitude is just... A NO! 😂
^^^ I agree with that user. @popcorn—
Crooooooooooooksies i haven't talked to ya in agess
heyyy!! we need to begin on the contest for fadedbluejeans.. soo let’s do it soon bc it’s due tmrw
personality and actions I’m not a fan of but girls got a killer voice 😍 can’t lip sync at all tho
I was about to ask what was the whole point of you posting this because it’s an irrelevant opinion but then I took a look at my own account lmaö
her attitude used to be horrible but after Manchester bad mac’s death she is doing better in that sense. her voice is amazing and it’s safe to say that she’s one of the best live singers of this generation. and all her new songs sound different and that just shows how versatile her voice is.
^^yeah i agree. i think she’s kind of become more appreciate for things in her life. i like some of her songs
I’m not a big fan but hey, we don’t rlly know her personally. So... idk 🤷🏼‍♀️😄
wow that’s actually sad
but in a way kinda funny
Plz enter round 1 ASAP!!!!!
I agree. sorry.
half and half, I don’t like most of her songs but I think she’s really pretty
tbh when i was like in 6th grade, i was more into like classical (yes, classical) stuff and pop music wasn’t totally my thing. and at that time ariana grande was rlly popular, so i kinda thought she was overrated and i for some reason rlly didnt like her. but like at that time i just about never listened to pop so like i never rlly knew how she sounded like and stuff
but then later i got kinda more versatile in my music tastes, and i tried out new genres (and new languages) and i grew to like pop like very much. i think ariana has a very gifted voice, and some pretty catchy songs, but i feel like at times she kinda lets the fame overcome her at times.
im not like a super huge fan, i do like her voice, but i feel like sometimes ppl antagonize her a little too extremely
she doesn’t exactly have the best reputation, but just because ppl have only listened to like 3 songs doesn’t necessarily mean they have a right to hate her
she’s made some bad decisions and she’s not exactly my role model, but i think she does have strength in the musical field, although I’m more of a fan of her like older R&B/less hip hop kinda music
i feel like she’s sorta losing who she is, and is just becoming the kind of person that certain ppl want to see, which is why some ppl r losing appeal in her music. i dont rlly like the whole 7 rings vibe because like a lot of the time she’s just kneeling awkwardly on kitchen counters and unnecessarily waving her head and legs to show off stuff, and i just wish she was more like herself. instead of idk like uh nicki minaj?
i do like the more hip hop taste of her recent music, but at the same time i feel like rap doesn’t totally suit her. it’s nice that she’s expanding her music taste, but at the same time it’d be better if she was a little more humble and she actually slowed down to be more understanding and educated and stuff
ok im super sorry for the whole rant, idk why i get so passionate when it comes to music😂