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Y don't u think I'll approve??
I didn’t know how you would feel about strapless
I thought u was going to get something I will approve of😳
well umm that was also the only dress I could wear that fit
nugget is too big so I could literally only fit into one dress there
it’s not bad it’s just strapless and I’m not the one who picked it out... I picked a black one out but nugget is too big so the zipper didn’t go up all the way but the strapless one I got it simple it covers everything and it’s pink so
the lady helping us picked a few out for me to try and it’s super cute I love it
I just need to show it to you
I have a pic of me in it
Lol ok baby❤ hey when did u wanna come over??
ummm I’m tryna find a bag to put some clothes in for tomorrow I didn’t bring my backpack home and I’m not putting like three things in a duffle bag
god this one black dress was fxcking gorgeous and we were gonna get it but it’s the one nugget didn’t fit into 😩
still thinking about that dress 😩
Lol it's fine babe
mew it was cute
do I need to bring a pillow?
Yes bring a pillow
im just gonna use a backpack
ugh I wanted to show you my new bras they are cute
Do we need to pick u up or will ur mom drop u off??
U can show me later❤
ummm she said she will drop me off
well I’m wearing one I’m bringing the other
actuallyyy is your dad okay with picking me up??
Yea he can❤
okay I might need you to pick me up then and I’m ready whenever ❤️
We're on our way ❤
okay ❤️
hey ima take a shower baby I loves you ❤️
Ok baby love u❤❤❤
god baby nugget said no to a shower 😩 gots a lil dizzy mew 😩❤️❤️
Dàmñ baby I'm sorry😔❤❤
it’s fineee my head has just been a lil off today ❤️ I’m okay now ❤️
Ok baby ❤ did u figure out who was in ur bed??
yea it was Nicole so it’s okay❤️
That's good❤ she probably felt the fxcking hard spot on ur bed and was like THE FXCK😂❤❤
hey the sheets were changed 😂😳❤️
and my pillow cases that were breast cancer are changed and I’m like aww 😢
I wanna cuddle baby😩❤️
Is mine changed???
Ik u wanna cuddle baby❤ we will cuddle❤❤ maybe next weekend we can sleep at ur house❤❤❤
no urs isn’t... 90% of everything on my bed was either changed or thrown into the pack n play including my pink blanket and stitch 😢
well Spokane remember baby?❤️
but either way cuddles nxt weekend ❤️
Yes cuddles next weekend ❤❤ and babe u said she isn't a bxtch at least other people will put it back after there done using ur bed
well ik but I have a feeling it was my mom who changed everything and threw everything in the pack n play... all ik is there’s sheets under my big blanket and I’m triggered cuz I hate the fxckin sheet thing
just wish we could cuddle rn ❤️
Same I rather a blanket then that sheet cover bull shxxt but yea just cuddles and sleep rn❤❤
god yes please ❤️ yep it was my mom who fxkced with my bed ugh wish she wasn’t taking a test so I could find my fxckin breast cancer pillow cases 😩 we just need to cuddles baby why can’t you move in now 😩❤️
I aggressively tore the sheets out from under my purple blanket and threw it on the couch so those are GONE
I will soon❤❤ hey baby when does u wanna go to bed??
ummm soon if not like now I’m getting tired 😩❤️ do you wanna go to bed now baby?❤️❤️
Yea we can go to bed now❤❤❤
okay baby❤️ I’ll txt you in the morning I loves you baaabyyy❤️❤️❤️❤️
Love u to❤❤❤❤❤
Its 5:39 I'ma jump in the shower love u❤❤
And I'm out❤❤
god I just woke up baby sorry 😩haven’t been sleeping much 😔❤️
Don't be sorry baby ❤❤
okay 😩❤️ god I should have you make some of those asparagus ham things I was craving they sound good 😳❤️
So idk if I can go over baby but can u bring those 2 zofrans??
Yea I can make some❤❤❤
umm yea I can
kinda hope you can come hang out
okay baby❤️
Yea u hope I can❤❤
god baby I’m so fxcking tired 😩❤️
Ik baby I'm tired to❤❤
I feel sick this morning too 😔
Baby take a pill😔❤❤
I did I’m just waiting for it to kick in 😩 my böobś hurt too like damñ why 😩
just want cuddles and food baby😔❤️
Hopefully we can cuddle tonight❤❤❤❤
I hope so baby😩❤️
god yep you need to make those asparagus things I’m craving
Yea I'll make them when u leave for the bus❤❤❤
okay ❤️ umm don’t judge what I have on the bus btw 😳❤️
I wont judge❤❤
okay ❤️ I was craving 😳
Ok I want judge❤❤❤
okay baby❤️ ughhh I gotta get ready to head out 😩❤️ okay hey I love you baby❤️❤️
I love u to baby❤❤
baaaabyyy ima take a shower okay❤️
I’ll txt you when I get out I lovesss youuu❤️❤️❤️
I love u to❤❤
baby my hormones kicked in ❤️
like damñ 😳❤️
Did u start crying????
welll nugget kicked and idk why but hormones told me to cry and be happy so I cried a lil 😳
That's good❤❤ hey what does 6.9 mean??
69 like the position?
it doesn’t mean anything it’s just the position
No 6.9 is just another good thing but messed up by a period 😂❤❤
I’m confused 😳❤️
look it up baby
nugget is hella active tonight ❤️
69 position is fun so a women's period messes I up 6.9 another great thing but messed up by a period women's period
ohhhh okay
baaaabyyy you tired?❤️
I wouldn't mind going to bed❤❤
okay ❤️ ima try on the jeans I wanna wear tomorrow, take the tag off then go to bed too baby❤️
Ok baby well night I love u❤❤
pfft okay baby
mew okay let’s go to bed I loves you too baby❤️
Sorry I'm tired baby love u❤❤❤❤❤❤
it’s fine baby I loves you too❤️
Baby I can't sleep
My head hurts I have a headache I can't sleep
I'ma try ig
everything okay baby?❤️ sorry last night I thought you were out 😩❤️
baaaaabyyyy you awake?❤️
Im out❤❤❤❤❤
April 11 is national grab axx day😂❤❤
oh lord baby❤️ sorry I had to shave and shxxt ❤️
cut myself on accident twice 😩😩
U ok baby??❤ And I thought u shaved yesterday??
yes I’m okay ❤️ nooo I didn’t I got too lazy 😳
yeaaaa my knee kinda hurts but oh well ❤️
U cut ur knee??
ummm yes I kinda can’t see my toes cuz my belly is getting big so shaving was difficult 😳
Oh yeah bet that sucks❤
welll gives me an excuse to not shave 😁😳❤️
Yea babe u honestly don't need an excuse to shave
true baby
U don't even have to shave for prom
I might I haven’t decided yet ❤️
Ok lol
tired baby?❤️
Kinda baby ❤
I'll actually sleep❤
R u there??
okay please get sleep tonight❤️❤️ ima head to bed baby you should too okay❤️❤️❤️
Umm babe??
Ok baby love u❤❤❤
I’m here baby sorry ❤️
I loves you too baby❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️
Lol loves u❤❤❤❤
lovesss youuu❤️❤️❤️❤️
baby I had a rly bad dream 😢😢😢
we got into a fight Idk what it was about and you told me you didn’t know if you loved me anymore and Idk it’s 2 rn I just woke up breathing heavy and freaking out please don’t ever do that to me please I love you so much 😢😢😢
ima try and get some sleep I love you baby😔❤️
I gotta pee but I can’t pee 😑
Umm I always love u ❤ umm I'm awake should I wear pants or shorts??? And do u wanna come over here after school??
well not rly but I’ll go over
wear whichever baby up to you ❤️
don’t rly wanna deal with Kaitlyn but we can go over as long as she’s not bxtchy
Well I was going to ask my mom if u can come over❤❤
well that’s fine as long as Kaitlyn isn’t being bxtchy ❤️
And Im going to tell her the exciting news❤
If she is we can go outside❤
okay baaabyyy❤️❤️❤️
okay ❤️
I love u❤❤
I loves you too❤️ my mom said we can tell ppl in your fam and my fam but do a reveal that we will video to show everyone else okay so just tell your parents and siblings but wait to tell everyone else in your family cuz we’re gonna do a reveal to post on Facebook and show them ❤️
Ok baby I wasnt panning on telling anyone else besides my mom and dad❤❤ sorry had a serious talk with Kaitlyn 😑
oh god what happened 😳
She was talking about how she renamed quank quank to Donald
wth 😑
poor quack quack I’m not triggered
Well I kinda got pxssed and exploded in there face so she's pxssed
welll she deserves it tbh
Kinda lol❤❤
yea ❤️
okay hey we’re leaving in a min baby love you ❤️
Love u❤❤