Collage by Serenity__


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Thank you, Hannah! Would you like to be friends?😊
😱😱😱I AM WEIRDOOO TOOO!! *jumps up and down but falls flats on face*
YEAAAAA *gets back up and starts dancing*
You can call me Blue or Bluii!😂😂Whichever you want!
Nice to meet you Hannah! Tell me some stuff about yourself!
That's cool! I am also 13! I live in America😣There is soooo much drama over here!😂 I have a younger brother and I love to play soccer and I am on a cross country team!
thank you!
Well, It is good that you are being entertained😂😂PLEASE TAKE ME TO CANADA😂😂
Awayyyyy from Americaaaaa
omg ty😖🌟yours is amazing too💫✨
That's fine😂
thanks so much! this collage is AMAZEBALLS!
Haha so tell me fellow weirdo friend...
what do you like to do in your spare time?
I like to ride meatballs, do archery
act, play piano, do martial arts....
Um.....PC Duh!!!
wanna collab? ur collages are rlly good and u deserve many many many followers cause this is talent for sure!😂😊💕