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Sorry baby I had do something sorry ❤❤
it’s okay 😩❤️ just almost fell asleep waiting tho shxxt ima tired
Did u sleep?? And btw I have a surprise for u❤
wondering if you’re okay with me taking a nap 😩
oh? okay baby... no I didn’t I want to tho😩❤️
hey see if you can come over after school please
Yea take a nap❤❤
I can go after school ❤
okay good ❤️ okay ima fall asleep baby I’ll txt you when I wake up I loves you 😩❤️❤️❤️
Love u to❤
Hey I'll text u after school ok baby hey I fxcking love u❤❤❤
hey just come straight over after school I love you too ❤️
can you grab my blanket after school plzzzz? ima soak in the shower before you get here maybe I’ll feel a little better okay I loves you ❤️
I love u to❤❤❤❤
baby no please come back I need you 😢
baby please 😢
My mom said make a food log like the food u ate and what the outcome was like last night we had pizza so right that down and what the outcome was like maybe to much acid??
idk baby Idk 😩 I’ll figure that out like tomorrow or something
Dad found a grib❤❤
baby I need help 😞 I’m so cold and just throwing my guts up 😢😢
Yea he's picking it up tomorrow ❤
okay baby 😩
baby 😢😢
help 😭
U in the bathroom??😔❤❤
yes 😢
it won’t stop 😭
Just let it happen 😔❤❤
baby I hurt so bad my throat is swollen af rn on the inside it hurts I just need you 😭
Drink some tea ❤
I can’t get up 😩😢
Try having ur mom help u😔❤❤
I just I need you ASAP now 😢
ima take a shower ig baby 😔
Ill be up❤❤❤
I’ll txt you when I get out I loves you 😔😔😢😢❤️❤️❤️❤️
okay loves you 😔❤️❤️
Hey I'll be with u tomorrow ❤❤and see if ur mom is ok with me spending the night then have her text my mom❤
Love u to baby
What's wrong baby?
just help 😭😭
I'll help I tomorrow 😔❤ hey r u tired??
yes I am I just have to stop throwing up first 😞😞
Ok baby u needs to hurry cause I feel asleep for like 10 mins while u was showering ❤
it’s okay just go to bed ima just throw my guts up then go to bed 😔
I'll try and wait❤
K I take that back I might go to bed😔❤
it’s okay 😔 just I’ll txt you when I wake up 😔
Ok baby I love u😔❤❤❤
I love you too 😔❤️❤️
baby 😔 it’s 3:45 and my body is doing this thing where I sleep for 30 mins and wake up throwing up I haven’t got any sleep help me 😢😢😢
just have fun at school ig I love you 😔❤️
I'm awake it's 5:35 baby it's ok it'll be over soon ❤
Baby I'ma take a shower love u❤❤❤
Hey I'll text u when I get to school love u❤❤
We made it to school finally hey I'll text u after 1st hour love u❤❤
baby help 😢
I’ve tried fxcking everything to get the nausea and throwing up to stop but nothing is working 😢
I'm sorry baby😔❤❤ I'll see if I can go over ok❤❤ and I think my dad is dropping off a grib at ur house❤❤
okay 😩 just kinda wanna just go get fluids but I think my mom won’t take me 😔
Ok babe I'm sorry hey I love u❤❤
I love you too 😔❤️
feeling a little better I took a zofran threw most of it up but I think some of it stayed down cuz I’m starting to hold Gatorade down
finally getting some sleep too
Keep it down please hey I love u❤❤
I’m trying okay I love you too ❤️
god time going by fast caught up on a little sleep and like damñ
got like half a Gatorade down baby
Ima fall asleep baby okay if I don’t reply I’m sleeping okay I love you ❤️
hey bay my mom is gonna talk to your mom about spending the night and if your mom says yes then my mom will txt your messenger okay? so check your phone every once in awhile cuz I might be sleeping baby okay I loves you ❤️
I’m trying to catch up on the sleep I didn’t get last night cuz I got like 3 hours max if that 😩😩😩
I loves you ❤️
Ok love u to baby❤❤❤❤
baby your dad bought a little more than just a crib 😳
hey if you can stay the night tonight do you want my mom to pick you up and run you home to grab a bag for the night? she probs would Idk if I could go but she would probs pick you up ❤️
just an idea so you don’t have to walk around town then turn around and walk over here baby ❤️
okay so my mom said if you spend the night to ride the bus to ur house, grab an overnight bag then she can pick you up from your place okay ❤️
Yea my dad bought a lot of stuff for 100$ and ig the gribs going to ur house but anyways yea tell me if my mom says yes or no lol I'ma get back to my quiz love u❤❤❤❤
I’ll probs have my mom txt you the answer cuz I might fall asleep ❤️ but okay baby I loves you too ❤️
Ima sleep okay baby I love you ❤️
Love u to baby❤❤❤
Mariana is fxcking scary god😳❤
Baby I fxcking love u❤❤
I'll text u after class love u babe❤
hey baby I loves you ❤️
Anything from my mom?? Do I need to text her? I'll text u after 6th hour love u❤❤
hey sorry baby just woke up ❤️
txt your mom if you want baby we haven’t heard anything yet
just come over after school and we can probs find out while you’re over
your dad called and I think he might be chill with you spending the night it sounds like
maybe I gotta ask her what your dad said after she gets off the phone
my mom is gonna let us have a little baby shower in like July just all our family who wants to come and Jill and Adam are coming over to go to the baby shower and to see me and meet you and I’m excited I love Jill and Adam 😊😊
you can stay the night tonight ❤️
Hey I'ma go to my house love u❤❤
ik baby I loves you too ❤️
baaaaby you alive? ❤️
I'm home ❤❤ umm my dad is going to drive me over once he gets here❤❤
ik he told my mom already ❤️ mew you get to spend the night baby ❤️❤️❤️❤️
I’m happy okay ❤️
still haven’t ate anything today but oh well ❤️
Try eating something ❤
mmmm maybe in a bit okay baby ❤️
K babe ❤
my mom made broth tho I was drinking ❤️
she’s making me more broth to drink so it’s okay ❤️ just so I can have something settle in my belly before I try and eat
Ok baby❤ hey we on the floor again??❤
yea if that’s okay ❤️ bring like a pillow and maybe a blanket so we can get comfy and cuddles up okay ❤️ if you wanna I’ve been freezing all day so a blanket would be nice ❤️
Ill bring a pillow baby❤ remember I have that deer one at ur house❤
oh yea ❤️
well ima probs be cold tonight so expect cuddles ❤️
my room is like a cave rn it’s so dark and it’s staying that way
Lol ok baby❤❤
you need to come over already ❤️
When my dad gets home❤❤
ik ik ❤️
hey my mom said bring a couple movies ❤️
Like what??
maybe a funny movie, a sad movie, anything ❤️
Maple bar??
it’s hanks birthday and he loves maple bars ❤️
the donuts? yea the maple bar donuts he loves those he eats them in like 2 bites ❤️
your dad needs to get home already baby I miss you ❤️
I have to bring them?? Maybe but I'ma bring all baby close and Austin Powers, Dennis the Menace, and Dances with Wolves
okay baby ❤️ nah nvm lol I’ll probs buy one just for him ❤️
your dad home yet?😩❤️
baaaaby you there ❤️
Yea he's home sorry I had to go to the dump and I had to pack all the baby stuff to go over❤
it’s fine baby just making sure you’re alive ❤️
We're on our way❤❤
okay baby ❤️❤️
So I can't go over tonight cause my parents seen the earing and my dad said " That pxsses me off more then u nocking ur gf up" then I got mad slambed the door got told to take the earring out I didn't got in a fight now I can't go over but I'll text u when I get back love you❤❤❤❤
fxcking know it 😞
knew* but okay ig love you too 😞❤️
Idk I might be able to go hang out❤❤ just as long as I work my axx off and get shxxt done❤
We're at Buffalo wild wings ❤❤
just mew kinda figured your parents would get mad 😔
Idk I'll work my axx off and ask ok❤
Kinda wish u could have gone with us❤
okay 😩 I wish but I don’t wanna get sick
Neither do I but ik u don't need to be sick😔❤❤
ik I just can’t get nugget sick baby I’m sorry 😔❤️
It's fine babe ❤❤
So after lunch we're going to walk around the mall❤❤
oh okay baby
And once we get back I'ma help clean house and unfreeze the pupesy❤
okay baby that’s fine ❤️
Then I'll ask if I can go over and I'll give u guys the car seat pack and play and the Walker❤❤
okay baby ❤️
Hey I love u❤❤
I loves you too baby ❤️
Eve McLain Smith?? Eve Adell Smith??
oo I like both of those ❤️
Yea now boy names❤❤
yea baby❤️ what are a few names you like for a boy ❤️
I like Braxton❤️
Well Braxton, Brandon, idk baby u choose❤ umm did ur dad get his shirts and hats??
yea I think so baby why? those two names are so far my favorites ❤️
Same baby❤
eve for a little girl and Braxton or Brandon for a little boy ❤️
my mom loves the name Brandon ❤️
Yea ik she loves it❤
she likes eve and Braxton too❤️
Well once we see if we'll know❤❤
true baby❤️
Lol yea❤❤ hey foods here I'll text u in a minute ❤
okay baby ❤️
Love u❤❤
loves you too ❤️
Hey baby❤❤ were going to walk around the mall ok baby hey I fxcking love u❤❤
okay I loves you too baby❤️
I'll text u when I get home❤
So this is up to u but depending on how my moms feeling ig u can come over I think that's what they were talking about unless it's for tomorrow cause we're having street tacos but idk I'll ask when we get home❤❤ we're at Joann's then WinCo then picking up another thing in Lewiston then going home ok baby hey I love u❤❤❤
umm okay baby as long as I don’t get sick I’m fine with hanging out baby but I loves you too❤️
So I has an idea
you home?
ummm you there??
okayyy I’ll let you be busy
Sorry had to get propane tanks but u ok with sleeping over here and bring that queen movie over??
did they already say they are okay with it
yea nvm that idea babe
are they not gonna let you over here?
you can come here but I can’t go there
Pipe r still froze so my dad and u r going to stay up and try to unfreeze them but is ur mom ok with that before I ask??
no she’s not 😔
she doesn’t trust it since your parents were or are sick and she doesn’t want me to get sick
she said you can come here for the night again and be over here but I can’t be there
Well I won't be able to see u til tomorrow
sorry ig 😞
should I just leave you alone now then ig 😞 you seem busy anyways 😔
Nah I'm actually sitting in the other room texting u
I'm not busy
your parents would’ve said no anyways babe they too pxssed about the earring
Babe what's wrong?? And honestly I don't think they really care rn anyways
nothing just kinda wanted to cuddle again tonight but it’s fine nvm ig
kinda wanted you to come back over but you said they are pxssed that’s it
K I'll ask if u want me to?
you’re acting weird too tho idk mew maybe it’s just me
Ur acting really weird to babe but idk
idk I miss you okay 😔
you don’t have to ask cuz idk if they will say yes I have a feeling I’m pushing it if I have you ask if you can come back 😔
I miss u to
I'll ask anyways
they’re gonna say no babe 😔 but okay..
Well if they do they do
if I ask what’s wrong are you gonna say nothing? something is up with you too😔
Today just has been shxxt
idk babe
they said no didn’t they
I didnt ask yet
mew I mean I’ve been sitting here all day waiting for you to get home and my mom doesn’t want me over there so idk just kinda wanted to see you again tonight but
oh I thought you did
I thought you were in a good mood tho you txted me earlier you seemed fine?
Not yet babe I will of my dad walks in here
I'll just ask if I can go to ur house later and have like an all night movie night or some shxxt
I mean Nicole is coming up just her she’s not bringing that one kid this time but she’s bringing movies and food so
I'll ask eventually
what’s wrong
I don’t like how weird you’re being vent or something I don’t like it
baby I miss you 😔
Idk today hasn't like been the best day but oh well lol❤ hey I'ma take a shower really quick ok❤
okayyy hurry up baby 😩
Maybe u should have ur mom talk to my dad about the movie night thing cause if I can go I'll probably be over around 8
okay baby
If she don't wanna ask I ask but yea I'ma take a shower really quick love e u❤❤
okayy loves you ❤️
you might have to ask my mom is kinda refusing
she just on Facebook ignoring me telling me “no rn” so she won’t ask almost guarantee that 😩
just want you 😔❤️
What do I say??
what would your dad most likely say yes to?
just my family and my mom’s friend are all having a movie night again and making a bunch of food and watching a bunch of movies and my mom invited you to stay the night to be with us or something like that
sorry baby I was grabbing more water
I'll ask once my dad comes in the kitchen ❤❤
I hope to god he says yes 😩😩
I’m rly cold we should just cuddles okay 😩
So we're going to be up forever ❤
what baby?
can you come cuddles me I’m rly cold 😩❤️
Idk if I can or not I asked but all he said was that I've been over there for the last couple nights and all I wanna do is be over there
well I wanted to spend the night there but they’ve been sick 😔
forget it if he’s just gonna say no I already know it 😔😔
just I’m rly cold 😔
So I can go over but idk if I can spend the night or not❤
okay thank god 😩❤️ when you come over just ask real quick before you come inside if he’s okay with it or not baby okay 😩❤️
I might be driving again so I'll ask before I leave baby I just gotta help do dishes and clean the kitchen a little bit and I gotta put the on the shoe laces in my boot
okay baby that’s fine
we’re watching dear john and Nicole got here and saw the movie and said “don’t make me cry already god” so she had to walk out oml
we just got passed the part his dad died so me and my mom are both just like pretending we aren’t gonna cry oml baby this movie is sad
Ik it's sad but I love that movie
I love this movie too... just kinda freezing on the floor wrapped up in a blanket mew just misses you af 😩❤️
I'll be over in a bit❤
hurry mew I just miss you 😩❤️
I miss u to baby😔❤❤
I hope you can just spend the night just so I don’t have to worry about the time and just wanna be able to just lay back and not worry 😔❤️
Ik baby same❤
god I need you here I miss you 😔❤️
I miss u to baby😔❤❤
you need to be here mew 😩❤️
baaaaby come here I miss you 😩❤️
Hey I got the big studs in😊❤ and my ear doesn't hurt😊❤❤ bit I gotta clean up baby then I'll be over ok hey I love u❤❤
okay hurry up baby I loves you too❤️
I'll text u when I'm done love u❤❤
okay hurry up I love you too ❤️
So we cleaned up the bar and some of the counter so yea❤ idk when I'm going over tho
soon hopefully?❤️❤️
hurry up and come over we’re having dinner in like 5 mins ❤️
Yea soon❤
okay good ❤️
So I think I'm spending the night and I'm driving the razor over❤❤
okay baby❤️❤️❤️
Nvm I'm not driving the razor
Does ur mom now I'm coming??
yea she does ❤️
Does she care if I'm spending the night??
no she doesn’t it’s okay she figured you probs would ❤️
fxxxcckkkkk baby I can’t miss anymore days
Y can't u miss more days??
U should meet me at the door
I already used up my 7 days we already got a letter from the school saying I’m starting to miss too many
I will bay
Well shxxt baby ❤ hey I'm on meh way❤
Love u❤❤
okay baby ❤️
loves you too❤️❤️❤️
Hey I'ma take a really quick shower love u❤❤
loves you too ❤️