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Miss u dyl pickle :/ x - Nic
i’m not smoll, fûck you dylan the dîldo 😂
hi I’m mollie
i miss them too :(💙
2 words for you dylan the dîldo, FÛCK OFF 😂🖤 - Nic
i’ll have you know that i like being a bean ninja
wow 😂 i’ll consider it - Grace
what’s this? dylan being nice to ME? are you ill? this isn’t you 😂 - Nicole
but yeah i like the hair too - nicole
i’m mostly always mean, i’m nice to particular people
yeah, you stole my teddy so i stole your jacket 😂
don’t laugh, i loved that donkey teddy, so what if i’m 20 and still have a teddy 😂
i’m not even going to argue, i know i’m childish. i’m not letting you to the wedding until i get my teddy back though
good, now take care of your sister because she’s in painnnn :(
my neck :( - Grace
he’s not on 😩, he’s probably doing band stuff :(
aww congratulations- nicole
ddddddylannnnnnn , hi - Grace
Never going to forget you 💘♥️- Both
I’ll never forget you...
endless love for you, it’s never been the same since you left us. not a day goes by where i don’t think about you ❤️❤️ - grace
needing you at times like this 🤧💔💔💔
miss you ❤️
i love you and miss you more than anything, nobody can fill the space that was made when you left us dylan ❤️ - Grace
you know, ive tried dating other people. ive tried to find a new hobby, because writing music only reminds me of you, ive tried drinking the pain away, that didn’t turn out so well, im not gonna lie ive even tried forgetting you. nothing works. ive finally realized that you are the only one for me. which is why ive written a song for you, why ive stopped drinking, why im never going to forget you. i wish you were still here, so i could sing you my song. but you aren’t, and you won’t be coming back. so i guess all im doing here is telling you i love you. still. forever. and im glad you’re resting well. - lexi ❤️ 26.24.19