Collab with the wonderful @Creampufflarry! Please go follow her, she helped with this flawless collage! ☺️ Love you all xx


▪️TAP HERE▪️ Collab with the wonderful @Creampufflarry! Please go follow her, she helped with this flawless collage! ☺️ Love you all xx

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yes it's here😌💦
Hey luvs! 💖xxx💖 I'm starting a games-whatever-you-call-it🙃 and I would LOVE for you all to enter!💦 Please sign up on my account if you want to do it!😘😘 It will be a LOT of fun and I'm so excited!😝 I want to give a shoutout to SlayingAriButera and L1FESTYLE because I'm using some of their ideas for my games!xx😘 So anyways to make this short ily whoever is reading this and I hope you sign up!💕 (BTW looking for people who want to collab with me!)🌺😘💦💖💎💕💘❤️ Bye for now! xx, --littlemisspastel--
thank u for liking and following, your collages are amazing :-)
that's awesome🌨💘
you mean my last theme?
😂😂 It's okay. sorry I haven't posted on MalumMadness
I swear to god I hate my mother
like basically she wants me to spend time with my siblings but I don't want to [since my mom and dad are divorced and I only get to see them energy two weeks] but she's making me so I'm sitting with them now
it's fine. can you look at my recent collage and like those edits if you haven't already?
thanks 😊
No problem! Thank you so much! Your so sweet☺️
I'm really good! How are you? 😊
So when did you start PC?
Cool! I've had PC since last year {December} and it has been slow.
Yeah! I deleted my old collages from when I first started because they were so ugly😂
Yeah😂 so how long does it take you to make a collage? They are beautiful💓
Around a hour and a half, two hours for new collages and depending on the style about 30- 50 minutes
😂 Taylor Swift, Ed Sheeran you know things like that. What about you?😂
Cool! Did you watch the Grammys?
I really like it! I think it suits her, some others do not like it at all. What about you?
Yeah they both are good! Did you see her on tour?
Yes I did! I got tickets for my birthday! 😊
It was really good! She looked amazing!
Yes she does!
YES!! 😂
It was the best moment😂
yea theyre arguing..... its okay xx
i know 😫 and it's all bc my friend didn't know her collage was her style and she had like 10 people comment telling her to give credit and its just pointless i mean credit is nice but its not something to make a big deal about
Yes she does!
i know and im not making you xx i just dont understand people sometimes
ikr 😂😂😂
fingers crossed
same same
im Melah btw 💗💫🌺💟
i love your name ✨
ty ☺️ so hru?
gooooood 🙃
yeppppp 😆 sorry im so awkward 😅
true 😹😹
toodle loo nice talking to you also x👋🏻💟✨🌱🌚👑💦
Hey, just wondering if you've started our collab...?
Don't worry! Start whenever you feel like it 😘💕
You don't have to be sorry! xx
Whatever style you want really
That'd be great! Can you start? 😂💕