~ tap ~

march 31, 2020

collab with lilacs- !!💕
she was so fun to work with and i’m really happy with how this was able to turn out ! go follow her and check out her acc ! :))


~ tap ~ march 31, 2020 collab with lilacs- !!💕 she was so fun to work with and i’m really happy with how this was able to turn out ! go follow her and check out her acc ! :))

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beautiful collab!!
OMG SAME! she is so talented!!!
aw your welcome🥰
beautiful !!
this is so gorgeous!! aww thank you that’s such good advice ❤️❤️
hmm life is okay atm, quarantine has tremendously boosted my mental health and i feel like i’m having a good day everyday :)) wbu?
im really good!! how’s that guy?? and how’s quarantine? im running out of things to do to entertain myself 🥺✊🏼
omgg I’m meltingg 😭💓 what a sweet text you got yourself a good man right there
yesss forest is amazing :))
This is Gorgeous
procreate, an iPad, and an Apple Pencil💜
oh man that’s awesome 🥰 i wish i had a relationship like yours AghHh
JSNFBVBVNDNS i’ve never played only watched other people play it 🥺🥺
thats so cool tho that you’ve played all the versions!!
yeee it’s a lot of repetition haha we’re probs gonna be self isolated for a long time tho which kinda sucks 😔
thank you!
ive been pretty good, just v bored from quarantine
they canceled my school until MAY👏🏽FOURTH👏🏽
❤️❤️❤️thank u sm!
please join my icon contest!!!💖
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wow🥺🥺 that’s great you got yourself such a good man🔥❤️ he seems like he cares for you a lot and ASKKJKSJKJSB you’re so lucky omg i don’t know how many times ive said that but its true
ive been good!! how old are you btw?? i just never learned 🤪
you don’t have to tell me if you don’t want:)
awww that sucks real bad:(( I’m in holiday right now but they’re still giving us homework??? smhhhhh
bahahah I can relate I forget what I do most of the time🤪🤫
nah man they have me feeling guilty about the stack of homework when I procrastinate 😅
actually, you know what imma go do it now :) iMMa stop procrastinating 💪
bruh I didn’t even do it I just watched tiktok
oh nonono it’s completely fine!!
im sorry i asked :(
amazing edit!!!
ik i don’t even know how i got here omg😂💀
oh hahaha well I’m about to post a new collage so we’re gonna be back at square one 😂
same here man same here😔
im crazy bored
same though 😳 like I COULD be cleaning my room, doing the dishes, practicing piano, getting ahead on online school, but am i doing it? no maam😂
so glad you were positively impacted! thank u for taking the time to read my thoughts💕
that girl is trying to steal your man
it’s so obvious like GIRL WE ALL SEE YOU😤🤚🏽 literally she texts you asking if y’all are a thing and then was like “Wow not expecting that😂” like omg
hahaha i would literally be the exact same like girl get away from my man please🤚🏽
literally you should tell her how you feel
thank you! ❤️
yeah you definently should
girl is getting on my nerves here