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I was bored XD
ty 4 following me
Round 1 is now on
thank you for following me
thank you for following me
hey! round 1 of the travel games is out! so is the teams and how it works are posted!!! be sure to comunicate with your team BECAUSE THIS IS A TEAM CHALLENGE!!
i have remixed the background for the games!
Round 1 of my games is out now and is due on the 12th!!!
Round 1 results are up and Round 2 has begun of my games!!!
hey! i was just wondering if you had done anything for the travel games? because it is a team round and we have to all participate in the collage! i was just wondering if you participated in making the collage?
round 2 is about to finish and I need u to join
round 1 is due in 2 days so please get your team to enter soon or you guys will loose points
Hey! Soooo cute! Join my icon contest!
logo results are up!
Please enter in my games!
Plz join my games!
new challenge on my pg
please enter my icon contest!!