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you don’t know how tempted i am to just keep them and not say anything :(
i would if it’s my own order
i also love the fact whenever i order jeans for myself they never fit, but when jeans arrive to me and they’re the wrong order for the wrong person they fit
wait those look so cute on you!
you should figure out what they are so you could order yourself a pair if you can't keep them
it kinda cute tho. 🤭🤭🤭🤭
can you even return them since you opened it😬
it looks rly good on u tho 😳🙌
^^okay so that’s kinda bad but like I sorta agree with u bc ur getting it for free or for less when u paid for ur own, and the original person who paid for the jeans u got will just get another one sent to them for free😳
omg they look so good on you 👀💕
u look so good in them wth those were made for u
that’s quite the dilemma uggghhh i want to tell u to just keep them but like idk😂😅
maybe it’s meant to be butttt I really don’t know. The person will probably get another one sent to them