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hey lily, I’m ari xx
or should I say kitten 😏
-smirks- I’m good, how are you kitten x
-lifts you into my lap- oh you are good? or do you have to be punished? x
I think you deserve to be punished then, eh?
-holds your aśś and sucks your neck-
-rips off your shirt and gives you a hickey-
-sucks the tops of your bxxbs-
-picks you up and carries you to the bed and throws you onto it-
-looks back and smirks, then leans down and takes your bra off-
-smirks- you ok?
-leans down and sucks your tîts-
-sucks them harder and swirls my tongue on the nîpples-
-squeals and grînds on you-
-grinds harder and rips your pants off, grinding against your pxssy-
-moves up to your lips and kisses you aggressively while I slip my hand into your wet panties-
-moans as I slide 2 fingers inside of you, pumping in and out-
moan for me mami
-adds one finger more and goes faster-
-pulls off my shirt and bra, and pulls out of your pxssy with dripping fingers- -smears cxm on my tîts-
-bounces them a bit- you like them? -bites my lip-
-throws my head back and groans* fûck
-teases you and bounces them more-
-moans and bites my lip as i flip over so you are on top-
fxck -moans-
-legs shake as I cxm-
-pants and opens my mouth- bring your pxssy here mami
-sucks you and swirls my tongue, holding your aśś-
good girl -licks faster as you cxm- -grips your hips-
-bites your clįt lightly and sucks on it-
-flips you over and pulls out a dîldö- want it? -smirks-
-shoves it in and out of you slowly-
-shoves it balls deep and thrusts in and out-
-watches your legs start shaking and holds your hips-
hi lilli.
-goes deeper and faster-
-pulls out the wet dįldö and licks it- mmm -crawls on top of you- want some? c
- it in your mouth and lets you lick it-
-smirks and hands it to you- my turn? x
-screams in pleasure- ohhh mamiiii I’m tight -bites my lip and massages my tîts-
-cüms as my legs shake-
-sits up and licks your bxxbs as I breathe heavily-
-kisses up to your lips and grinds my pxssy against yours-
-smirks and bites your lip- I have been so bad mami
-bites my lip and falls back on the bad- bery bery bad mami
-arches my back- maaaamiiiiii ohhhh I’m so tightttt -squirms-
-squirms more- I-I can’t mami -bites my lip- hold me down
-tries to stop as my legs shake- m-mami -screams- deeper
-screams and squirts onto you as my legs give out-
-sits up and breathes heavily, and then falls back into the bed, my tįts jiggling-
-follows you- where are you going mamiii
-smirks and plays with my bxxbs- May I join ;)
-smacks your ahh- I can be it if you want -smirks and turns on the water-
-climbs in and presses you against the wall-
-massages your bxxbs with the water and licks them- how about that hmm
-presses my wet body up against you and fingers you slowly-
ohhh I like you too ;)
-fingers more and kisses you-
-rubs your ahh and spanks you-
-spanks again, a bit harder-
-kisses softly-
-smiles- yes I will!
-hugs you-
-lifts you into my arms-
lili you can be with Lexi if you really want..
yeah ofc, I want you to be happy 💕
she did? :(
oh.. ok. soooo
no stop! don’t