✰ n a m e  c h a n g e ✰
used to be EverythingSwift


✰ n a m e c h a n g e ✰ used to be EverythingSwift

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yesss love the new username and song
I love it!!!! 💗
aww yay!! ab i love the new username!!
ooh love it! 💞
follow chickenpants32
it’s gorgeous I love it
ooo I love it!!
Yesss I love it!!
this is so simple and gorgeous 😍
ooo yay i love it
love your new profile picccc!❤️
beautiful new name!
k so I was reading my old comments to kinda figure out who was who because of the profile and name changes since I’ve been gone, and I saw that we were in the middle of a collab but then I left?!! would you want to do a collab still?
I don’t care! actually if you don’t mind I could do background and quote!
that’s fine if it takes a while
omg thanks💓 what should the theme be for the collab?
omgg. wow. I love ittt!!
love it! also this is so cute even though it isn’t even a collage
LUV ittt!!
thank you!!
thanks and I love your account
love the taylor swift thing
love it!!💗
aw I love the new username!!!💕💕
I’m great and thank you 😊
I love your new username 💕💕
thanks for your feedback
and thank you!❤️
aw thank you so much!💕💕🤗
thank you! 💙💙💙
tysmm!🥰LOVE the new username!☀️i’m doing alright, so many complications in so many different areas of my life but when aren’t there complications😅how are u??
I love this username and your acc is so beautifullllk