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Guys I know this is a really bad edit. I just haven't got around to editing in more than a month. Sorry for not posting something in a very long while. I just had to put something up so this is it for now. I have a lot of projects to do and finish for school and have recently been getting way more homework than I used to. Also, I have a grade 5 piano jazz exam coming up so that I can continue to grade 6 classical. There is another thing that I haven't told you guys and I think now is the right time. Please don't judge what I am about to say. I... suffer from social anxiety/phobia. Life has been tough since then. It started around March last year. I get bullied for no apparent reason and I think that is where it started. I know I may seem like a very social person on here by replying to everyone and commenting on other people's collages but outside of Pic Collage is mayhem. Panic attacks and really bad thoughts just seem to appear. I hope you understand. I let my feelings out by listening to music, writing poems and lyrics, playing the piano and all that stuff. Thank you everyone for all you're support as your comments and likes make me happy and help me get through this. You are a true follower if you've read all this nonsense. Once again, sorry and thank you. I'll cut it here because this is too long. Saranghae💕🙂
oh my gosh, I am so sorry about those stupid bullies, you definitely do NOT deserve it. You are so brave for opening up and saying what you did :) if you ever need to talk or we are all here for you <3
also just a small tip (this helps me so much and always puts me in a good mood) take 5-10 mins whenever you're stressed, sad, etc. just think of all the things that make you happy and all the good things that have happened or are going to happen. I know social anxiety isn't something that came just go away in an instant but for me (I don't have social anxiety but I am extremely shy) little things like that do help xox <3
omg it's been a long time♥️ I haven't been on for months and idk if I wanna start editing anytime soon😭😭
same I sang it like the entire day non stop! 😂😂
heya its been a while, huh
ive been pretty busy too, but ive been pretty good so yea! stay blessed💟
no prob💗srry for the wait (:
Awhhh...Bullies can sh** don't or take their salt somewhere else... I LOVE YOU SOOO MUCH! and I hate to see you going through this...this is gonna sound really cheesy but I'll be here to talk to you if you need someone... ahhh so corny sorry xD point is I hope you feel better doing all the things you love because you deserve nothing but happiness! 💕💕💕 -iiLittleSamuraiii
and this edit is gorgeous, and way better than I could do... 👏👏
If Yoongi gave me a kumamon plushie I would literally scream in all 6300 languages 😂🌸💕
I also love your way of editing💕
I am also a victim on social anxiety and I have also been bullied for it. It sucks and everyday I wish that I could be as outgoing as all my friends and what seems like everyone around me. I'm also terrible at letting people get close to me, trust issues I guess, and I think that only makes things worse. I have been friends with this person for three years and I haven't told them a single secret. On the bus one day these kids were talking trash about a subject that I feel strongly about and it bothered the heck out of me. If you want to know they were making fun of the LGBTQ+ community. I wanted so badly to tell them to stop, but no, I froze up and couldn't say a thing until I got home. I also can't present anything in front of a class, I always feel like someone is judging me. Well, enough with my ranting. Lately I have been trying as hard as I can to talk to people and just at least say hi. I do have panic attacks and it is very annoying but I still try. I recommend this, just say hi to one stranger a day and it helps a little. It may not work for you but it's helped me a little and I hope it does for you. If you read this far thank you, I hope I helped.