I hate being out and about . I’m so antisocial .


💚 I hate being out and about . I’m so antisocial .

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hai and also this is 😱beautiful
aww maybe soon baby:(
awwww:( I wish I could move and be with you
don’t cry😢
I’m sorry 😪
so cute ❤️❤️ @caption me too
love this ✊🏼
ooooooo I’m in love with this account tacy lots of handsome guys but this one is my favorite lol🥺💕❤️and I love u💕
ilysm🥺and imy 😔❤️hope u have a gorgeous day and night tho💖🙃
I’ll be making u a new chat page ❤️🥺
morning ☹️❤️
hey beautiful imy☹️
I need your hugs☹️
I got to tell u something there a girl keeps hitting me like no reasons she my friend but she a bitxch 😔I feel like she using me for things I’ll tell u more information after school
I got marks on my arms 😔she doesn’t hate me but she likes to hit people idk why I’m just nice to her because I’m a sweet person I don’t like to be mean😔
ans my ex bf want to have sexê with me idk why because I’m not going to do that because that’s just mess up
I neeed a hug badly 😔
meee saddd🥺
I need your hug🥺I’m feeling so deeply sad rn😞
awww I love your account picture 🥺and *hugging you tightly and crying *
my old account that picture on my account picture but you’re account loook better with it❤️🥺
and *hugging u tighter and crying harder *
don’t call me cry bby🥺
*hiding under my blankets *
the person I’m dating leaving me....why nobody loves me🥺why can’t I be good enough
on private.
I miss u🥺
I’m freezing 🥺
people say I look like a cutie today 😁🥺❤️💕
you moreeeee tho🥺❤️I’m not cute like everyday like u🥺
you moreeee tho🥺❤️
I’m not always cute I’m mostly ugly
like I don’t like my other side of my face sadly
you more beautiful tho🥺like no joke
YESSSSSS YOU ARE🥺❤️ *gives u a cute sad face *
love u🥺
meee neeeds hugs🥺