Tell me choices for optional, Q and A, and anything else
you want in comments

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Tell me choices for optional, Q and A, and anything else you want in comments

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aww if you feel like you need a break, maybe that’s the best thing, because they can help you get your inspo back
❤️❤️good luck and I’ll miss youuu
hello! the results for round 2 are up!!! come check it out and enter round 3!!! due February 3
plz enter my 2019 contest
whatever you’d like to do for the collab! (sorry for not being on for so long)
congrats to the winners ❤️
omg thanks so much 💙
itz_maddie21 left I think... she hasn’t posted in weeks
ahh, sorry it took so long to get the background done! I finally have it though. I kind of went with an ocean theme
your team won the Kawaii Games 🎉 please go to my page for the prizes ;33
all you have to do to volunteer is to comment your username, a positive emoji and if you’d like to be anonymous or not🌻💓
hiya! before you start the survey that you have amazingly volunteered to, I just need a signature from yourself. By signing, you will agree to a) answering all of the questions truthfully and honestly in your own and only opinion b) to answer at least half of the questions and if so, to state a valid reason why. c) to NOT make fun or bully anyone else’s opinion that I survey on. And d) to read all the questions carefully, taking your time and completing the answers on a separate collage. if you agree with all of the above, please remix me either with your username or name. contact me if you have any questions and I hope to hear from you soon!🌻💓
Hello amazing people! Sorry for self-advertising but I wanted to share that I am a new PicCollager holding my first contest. I would love for you to enter and share your creativity! If this self-advertising is not your thing feel free to pass this, I am understanding. Enjoy whatever moment you’re currently in:)