Some shoutouts to...

Go follow these amazing peeps! Whooo hoooo!!


Some shoutouts to... Go follow these amazing peeps! Whooo hoooo!!

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they’re so nice and kind go check them out!
can u please like my latest collage! it would mean a lot to me if I got enough likes to be featured!🖤 also can u check out April-Moon’s balloon post so she can be featured as well! thx!
it’s the show teen wolf 💞 and these scenes are season 3, somewhere around episode 20-24, i can’t remember 😂 x
so sad isn’t it can’t look at me being gay
dude I didn't direct anything to you this is the kinda stuff I upload so if you don't like it don't be on here I even said it in the bio
I say what u said about LGBTQ+ people . Please check out phaniel Howells page . I’m embarrassed for u
r u -READER_
Hello, so I know that you aren't supportive of LGBT+ people, and you think it's against your religion, and I was wondering why? I'm doing a research thing on why some people are more accepting of LGBT+ stuff than others, and I'm really interested in the part that religion can play in that, so I'd love it if you could help me out :)
also , we were not made to love the opposite gender !!! HOW COULD U BE SOOOO DUMB ????
hey I’m also a Christian and I believe the same as you and I think it’s really brave of u to stand up for our ideas💪💙
please remix my latest collage 😊😆😉