📷inspired by @Phot-Booth📷
📷Hey yall. Sorry for  inactivity. Chat anyone?📷

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📷Tap📷 📷inspired by @Phot-Booth📷 📷Hey yall. Sorry for inactivity. Chat anyone?📷

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ibf = internet best friend mbf = must be following, and yes you can enter simple edits, all edits are welcome! and yes from any tv show book or movie as long as there's at least fan art so we can see the person!
wanna be friends? 💝💝
thank you 🌺🌺
ok I don't have a nickname so call me whatever you want
sorry I don't have whi?
no question mark sorry
it's fine don't worry
fantastic collage🌹💖
np this is AMAZING ART 💖🌹💖
thank you!❤️
hi, ☺️I'm Shiny. Jess is a beautiful name. 💗And thank you. 💫This is a beautiful collage btw. 💞xxShiny⭐️
same, my name is really weird. 😖So I just have people call me Shiny. xxShiny⭐️
I love your account! Hope we can be friends💞😊😘
Hi Jess! I'm Alex!😊 So how's life? xx
Life's being pretty kind to me at the moment...🤔I wonder why...😂Random question but have u ever heard of an egg vending machine🥚?
yeah you could say that...😂
Sorry for replying 12 hours late but what I'm doing is sitting on PC and staring at the poor broken tv💔Wbu?
can you remix me the trust png?🌿
fantastic collage love! how ru?
congrats on the feature!
Aweee this is wonderful! And inspired by me?? 🌺💕
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I always follow a winner. congratulations 💖🌹🎉🎉🎉
congrats! now gonna follow ya and like all posts !
love SM!!!!!😍
Hi!! This is beautiful. I was just wondering if you would like to be apart of the CANDY team. If your anything of a writer we would love to have you. Thank you for your time. XoXo, C.A.N.D.Y Mag.
love it
Absolutely beautiful! This is amazing and you should be ridiculously proud!
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I always love your pics! keep up the hard work!!!
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