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aw! sorry to her that friend! anything you wanna talk about? I will draw you a cookie to try and help QwQ
Is everything going alright? I’m here if you want to talk about anything!
ooo!! what expansion packs did you get? I’ve wanted to get city living for a while but I’m broke so ye 👌😂 I’m glad you’re staring to feel better though! your uncle sounds like a cool guy 😎
re:/ yEE I have Le cats and dogs one too but it stresses me out sometimes bc I just want my animals to be happy so if they’re not happy I pANIC
Pretty dad I just watched endgame.😌😌😌
Oh no!!! What's wrong do u need to talk?
hey Cyan! are you doing ok? you haven’t been as inactive lately and that’s okay! I just want to check in and make sure nothing bad’s happened. I hope life’s been treating you well!
u ok??