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wow this is amazing!! //sav
*copy and paste* Hello HaYHaY1607 here just wanted to let everyone know that the Celeb Games Round 3 is due 8/24 get your collages and Icons that where about the song chosen. Can’t wait to see them. Good luck one person gets eliminated.
this is amazing!! 😍
wow i love this🌊
hey any ideas for collab
it would be awesome if you joined my celeb games 😊
omg your account is so beautiful
hey! today’s the last day to enter if you want try to come back!!
ahhhh this is just so coollll
ah thanks
hey could you enter my icon contest 🥑❤️✌️
hehe yea, I was confused when I heard about charcoal icecream too 🙃
I really love the message this sends 💫
hey! wanna collab?❤️
The 2019 Awards are here! Nominations have begun. Come now to nominate your favorite collagers!
hey there 👋🏼, this will only take like 30 seconds of your time ⏰. so I’m holding a icon contest and I would like you to join😱❤️, it involves Harry Potter... only if you’re interested, if so, you can have a chance to win💕 thank you for listening
hi I recently changed my username and now I need a new icon to go with my username will you come and join good luck from Descendants_queen
Hello HaYHaY1607 here just wanted to let everyone know that your Icon and Collage for you team is due 8/24. Hurry and enter!
thx for all the scam on my page! I’m back School is easier and so is my anxiety! thx for ur support! #girlssupportgirls!
wow this is soo good!!
ok so I know everyone hates these copy and pasted so I’ll try to make this quick: hey collager! how’s life? ok anyway... I’ll get to the point now. I recently reached 300 followers and in honor of that, I posted a followers control my collage and a color games. it would really mean the world to me if you participated in either one, or both! If you already did the followers control my collage, keep checking it out. I add new tasks now and then. thanks in advance!
this is so good and totally should be featured!!!!!!
teams for the color games are out! go check out what team you’re supposed on! round one will be out soon
round 1 is up! due the 29th
love this 💙💙
oh wow tysm!! and sorry to disappoint but no, I’m not welsh lol
can I ask why?? lol
Round 3 is up for my Harry Potter games! Good luck! Due 30th August! ♥️
Would you want to enter my contest? It’s ok if you don’t
aw ty that’s super sweet and lol I’m a Tolkien fan so gwythrancu is actually Sindarin elvish (we’re on the same weird level 😂.)
I would also love to collab with you! how did you want to split the collage?
friendly reminder that round one is due on Thursday and you haven’t entered. if you don’t enter you will be eliminated. please enter ASAP!
this is amazing!!!!!!
So cute thanks for the follow! 🙏