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Please enter my contest!! Hope you like this style! Almost December so Happy Holidays!!!
QOTD: favorite part of the holidays?
AOTD: the food, the joy, and gift giving
[ November 30, 2019 ]


❄️ T A P ❄️ Please enter my contest!! Hope you like this style! Almost December so Happy Holidays!!! QOTD: favorite part of the holidays? AOTD: the food, the joy, and gift giving [ November 30, 2019 ]

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*copy and paste* hey beautiful collager! hope you are having a wonderful day! come check out my icon and Christmas contest! premades are allowed. if you win there are many amazing prizes and even a chance to win extra prizes! thanks so much for reading this. and sorry for the Self promo ♥️kanani_girl33
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Aww thanks so much!!! I love vibrant happy colors so I’m glad you like it!! 💗💗 I’m so excited to listen to Camila’s album
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I listened to camila’s album and I really like easy, cry for me, bad kind of butterflies, and my oh my
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How do up do multiple icons/circles? Anybody can answer pls let me know on my account! Th!.....Lissawee
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Hi my name is Syd I'm new to PC I would love if you checked out my account:)
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Hello Thea beautiful name btw tysm for taking the time to check my account out it means a lot. You have a gorgeous account:)
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re/ haven’t tried lucky charms before cause we don’t have it in NZ rip
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thanks!! I’ve heard lose it by oh wonder so I’m excited to listen to this one
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ok so I just listened and hallelujah is so pretty!! the vocals and everything are so nice I love it!! 💗💗 thanks for recommending it
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I’m gud! I was dead all weekend cuz food poisoning, and fffiiiiinnnnaaalllss......... but other than that😁
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AOTD: probably the food (and my family ofc) ♥️
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Hi!! I was wondering if you could do my icon contest? Thank you and Ily💖p.s you’re amazing! (I used to be -peachtea-)
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okk so it happened two days ago, i was waiting outside of school and i met this guy, and we started chatting for like half an hour. he was nice and well-mannered, and we both had the same interests. 👌🏼 and then my mom came to pick me up so i had to leave. i thought that was the end of it, but nooo. yesterday at school, i saw him walking behind me, and he "accidentally" stepped on the back of my foot. (i could tell it was on purpose, yknow?) and he was like "oH sOrRy" and i was like "its fine haha" and he walked next to me and goes "so how are you?" and i was like "fine." and we walked to the cafeteria together. then he goes, "so about yesterday, i just thought you were super nice and pretty, and i didnt know you well, but then we got to talk, and, well, i really like you. a lot." by that time i was just staring at him, blushing red 😂🤦🏽‍♀️ then he went "soo, do you want to go to the end of the year dance with me? like, its fine if you dont want to," i stood there for about 5 seconds then was like "i dont know, i need to think about it. but ill give you my number for now." so i gave him my number and he goes "ill text you later, then?" and i nodded and walked away to see my entire lunch table staring at me. 😂 they all huddled around me and they were like "we heard EVERYTHING cami. dont do it!" and i was like "why? he seems nice." but then.......
they started telling me stories about him, weird stories. they claimed that he had already asked them all out. they actually said once he asked out SEVEN girls on the same day! and also, i had just met him yesterday and i think he was rushing all of this a little. over text later, i made it clear to him that i wasnt gonna be just another girl that he was asking out for attention. then, he asked me out on a date to this park, and i was like "oKkK you're being a little too persistent dude." i made the decison that i wanted to stay friends with him. when i told him, he was like "i admit, ive asked out girls before, but not REALLY ask out like you." BRO its the exact same thing! also hes had crushes on sO many girls in my school, i feel like im just next in line. and i never like to feel like that. so thats why im staying friends with him for now
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