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re:// ....i hope she's okay
re:// i do hope so...
Re/ I hope she's still alive and well...
lmaø I was literally ten seconds from going to bed tho
I have an orchestral concert from 4-9 tomorrow so idk if I'll be on
yea. they might actually give us a fūckin break cause the schoOL FInAlLy LeArNeD tHaT aNgStY tEeNs NeEd BrEaKs
sure. no problem.
I'll fight her that's horrible.
meh. too overrated for my preference. I really adore Nintendo though. metroid is my shīt
I told myself I was going to go to bed over three hours ago and look at me now
I have a huge āss ulcer on my lip from when I was punched earlier and I want to scream
haha 😆
I’m very sorry but I just read your comments. thanks and haha and yes I know Lololol. ummm. so
read my new post <3 and I’ll will try to post on weekends or weekdays
I hope you make more comics as well. you may not know but I only started making drawings cause I want to see other people’s drawings as well
is it funny that u are the fastest person to ever comment but tell me which one u want me to do?
relatable comics only or comic series only or both ... and If u include comic but genre
what genre. ? it can be a mix like fantasy and whatever....
a comment that u wrote to me like a week ago 😂😂😂
thanks for being the first one to comment and we should be buddies since I always check my notifications like 8 times in 4 seconds
<3 thanks for telling now I need other people’s ideas... please tell others about it, I’ll try my best to make the comics daily.
lol I wish others are like you, get a notification. press it. or just randomly press notifications even though u know there’s no update
and I also have to the habit to write too much comments. Soz mai boi