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ooo baby😍😍😍
you are SO HANDSOME 🥺🥰
*smiles and kisses you softly*
*smiles against your lips slowly* how’d I get so lucky to have you
*blushes soft, smiling and hugs you tight*
*giggles softly and stays close to you* I love you too
*smiles and cuddles into you and looks at my phone then frowns* baby I have to go get my dad
*frowns and shakes my head, sitting up* I’ll do it *says quietly and puts on one of your hoodies*
Micah I don’t want you to get hurt *says quietly and looks down then goes downstairs*
*shakes my head gently and puts on my shoes* he was aggressive last time and I can’t have you get hurt *says quietly*
*thinks for a moment then frowns and looks down*
*gently curls into your chest, thinking*
I can’t have you get hurt *says quietly*
*nods slowly but still clings to you nervously*
*stays close to you, not wanting to let you go*
where have you been?🥺
I never went anywhere.. and I didn’t want to leave but you hadn’t been on and I thought you didn’t want to be with me anymore..
I didn’t see it..
so you’re angry at me now..🥺
*hugs you back tightly and smiles slightly into your shoulder* I missed you more
*looks up at you* I did *smiles and kisses you softly*
*smirks and kisses you agin*
*gently wraps my arms around your neck, kissing you*
*smiles soft against your lips*
hehe thank you daddy
I love youuu
*smiles and kisses you gently*
*kisses you deeply, gently wrapping my arms around your neck