🧡 Tap ! 🧡
Collage inspired by butterfly_fields, go check out their account !
Quotd : What character death was the worst ?


🧡 Tap ! 🧡 Collage inspired by butterfly_fields, go check out their account ! Quotd : What character death was the worst ?

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This is so pretty!
Would you want to be friends?
Thanks also your account is so beautiful
This is so pretty!
love your new user and icon!
and you actually drew that? what??? ur so talented!😳🤚
of course!
this is so pretty! and thank you <33
aotd: fred from hp:)
hi! *sorry for copy paste, feel free to delete* I’m hosting a contest on my page with huge prizes, if you want to enter then quickly come and check it out right now! it’s starting tomorrow! there’s a limit of 10 contestants so make sure to fill up the form as soon as ur on my account!
aotd: jack thorton from when calls the heart
thank you 😊
hi! u have been accepted as one of 10 contestants. remember to finish you collage before the end of next Sunday! see you then! good luck!
Ahh!I love it how you made simple extraordinary!🎀😂<33
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hii! remember, this weeks contest round will end on Sunday! don’t forget to put ur entry in!
aaaah tysm😩😩❤️
thank you ❤️❤️
this is horrible
hey, i am so sorry about all the h@te that u are receiving... i just want u to know that i love your account and i think you're an awesome person! i don't know who could be so disrespectful and mean towards u, this is unacceptable❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️stay strong we're all here for u💪🏼💓
heyyy… sorry about the h@te ur getting!!! im still here for u though!!!! love uuu!! xx
bro those posts where the worst h8 posts I have EVER seen, and that’s saying a lot since I’ve seen hundreds of them over the year and a half I’ve been on pc. we did correct them on their facts tho. so their gonna learn something about freakin geography. we got your back girlie xx
I am sorry that guy or girl is so mean to you just stand up for your self and don’t let him or her get to you
be strong
this is so pretty 😍
the person who’s hating on u is just ONE person! we are all on ur side!!! if u wanna talk about mental health im here as i’m going through a lot and i love helping people :) pls ignore them as they just don’t know anything! xx
tysm!!! Yours are so beautiful too✨❣️
would you like to collab sometime??
also ignore the h@te pages ur collages are ✨✨
check the chat page!!