Maybe the best way to erase your flaws is to recognize them...

Maybe there’s real value in real reflection...

Maybe it’s time to reassess what we want out of life...

Maybe I’m just overthinking it all...

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Maybe the best way to erase your flaws is to recognize them... Maybe there’s real value in real reflection... Maybe it’s time to reassess what we want out of life... Maybe I’m just overthinking it all...

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i agree👏🏻👏🏻i’ve been spending so much time on technology the past week since i’ve been on spring break, but i guess it’s just hard to stop in an era filled with technology. even now, we’re using technology to communicate these ideas. i think there needs to be balance between the amount of time we use technology and not. and what we use technology for. just some thoughts like your i guess, a little self-reflecting✨🌿
i agree 100%. i think everyone spends way too much time on their phone (including me) and it is good to try to not be on your phone all the time. i've taken social media breaks before and it really helped my mental health. you're right - there's a lot of other things to do that don't involve your phone.
i definitely prefer a book over a movie. I can literally spend a whole day just reading book/s. but you are right, I myself am guilty of being a prisoner to technology. I’m trying to fix that problem and make plans with friends to break away that trance I’m always in.
this is so true. I want to do something different like painting and drawing things. I even got a new book from Barnes and Noble I'm reading. I might just make it a challenge this summer. Thank you so much for inspiring me. You have my gratitude.❤😁😊
hey! 💞💞
I noticed that problem too, always uncousiously grabbing my phone... in the morning also. And yes it's hard to get rid of the habit. For me mostly because I get like a feeling of feeling left out. Like if I don't go on sociap media I will be living under a rock😂 but I know that's dumb thinking. I also agree that it takes away time from really investing in ourselves. To do stuff that we are passionate about and also be outside. I am almost done with school and want this summer break to be adventurous without my phone😊
aahh, this is so true ! I’m a hugee procrastinator, so when I procrastinate I usually just absentmindedly go to my phone or iPad for entertainment or a distraction to my homework. it’s become a habit now, and I’m honestly trying to stop it, but idkk 😂 it’s hard ! but I’ve gotten back into the flow of reading recently, as I haven’t done much reading this year which is actually rlly surprising 😂 bc i loveee books. ☺️✨ im not on my holidays yet tho as I live in Australia. we still have all our tests and assessments coming, so it’s hard to fit in time to read especially since our schoolwork is normally done on our devices. we need to balance our screen time and non screen time, but it’s not that easy with everything being done on our electronics. 🙈 plus they’re a great source for boredom. aaiiyah, i can’t escape from my phone can I ?
wow. thank you for this !! I needed this 💕
wowwwwww thankss for this. it's reminded me of so much stuff. Thx <3
YASSSSS GURL, so true!
wow I just want to start by saying thank u. since schools had been out, I have told myself “it’s okay to be on ur phone more, u have been busy and deserve a break”. which of course is so true to take a break for yourself! your post has really opened my mind that you can take a break by doing other things that aren’t on a screen or electronic. sorry to rant because i know you just said all of what I’m saying now in ur post but I though I should just let u know how u made me procrastinate less. right now I’m going to read a new book I got which looks AWESOME. thanks for the motivation! It’s crazy how a words can really impact so many people! u probably have gotten the same thing from a bunch of other people and I really appreciate you taking your time to read my specific message. Thanks again!💛🌻🐨
preach! this is so true and I’ve been thinking about this for a while
this is so true I was just thinking about this 👌 I’ve not read a book for months and it’s almost summer so I’m gonna make a reading list 😆💗
🙏🏽🙏🏽You are so right! My church was actually talking recently about how social media and our phones hurt our well being. It’s good to know that there are other people out there that are aware of this issue. And yes, I have to admit that I am on my iPad, phone, and Netflix way too much. But I just want to say that it’s cool that you are using social media in a good way by creating not only beautiful collages but to spread important messages like this one!
I totally agree with you