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you’re the definition of handsome <33
i love every single thing about you
you’re welcome cutie pie
like what? you have something in mind?
yesss! yes yes yes and yes! that sounds perfect
which movie will we be watching? *smiles and kisses your cheek before intertwining our fingers*
i love those movies! now let’s goooo *smiles and runs outside to your car*
*giggles softly and walks outside* thank you again daddy
*buckles up happily and wiggles a little on my seat*
*turns my head to look at you then leans over and kisses your cheek*
i wanna sit on your lap when we watch the movie, pretty pleaseee?
oooo! that sounds betterrr
are we almost there yetttt? *pokes your cheek*
*smiles widely when we get there, continuing to poke your cheek*
*squeals then giggles* dadddyyyy, make that growl! *pokes your arm so you can’t bite my finger*
*giggles as you growl* againnn
*smiles while i watch you* one more time pleaseee
*giggles again then kisses your cheek*
now do we move to the backkk?
okayyy *smiles and unbuckles, getting out of the car then skips to the back of the truck*
Ned some help? *watches you, playing with my fingers*
wellll what can i help with? *smiles small*
mhm! *nods and gets the pillows then passes them to you* here you go daddy
*smiles and grabs your hands, carefully getting on*
*squeals then kisses your cheek* i love youuu
*smiles to myself and cuddles closely to you*
daddy 🥺
daddy needs to get his big booty on here so that he can give me lots of kisses and so i can slap his booty 🙊🙊
please come on 🥺🥺🥺
hi daddy 🥺
*looks at you while im pouting then runs to you and jumps into your arms, immediately wrapping my arms and legs around you while burying my face in your neck*
daddy :(
*keeps my face buried in your neck*
*slowly pulls away from your neck, keeping my head on your shoulder as i look up at you, playing with your bottom lip*
*smiles small and keeps playing with your bottom lip* hi daddy
*giggles when you smile* i likey when daddy smiles!
goodie, i better be da only girl that makes my daddy smile *lifts my head up so that i can kiss your lips multiple times*
daddy :(
you never replied back and i was sad
hmph, it’s otay
more of daddy’s clothessss? 🥺🥺
hehe, now i have more stuff to wear in front of daddy and no one else 🙊
yes yes yes!!! *giggles and nods quickly* oh wait...daddyyyy *pouts*
i will only look good wearing all of the outfits with daddy’s hand on my neck *keeps pouting*
the outfits or your hands?
mhm! please please please? especially with daddy’s hands on my neck! *tugs on your shirt*
*smiles and kisses you back before grabbing the bag* otay daddy! b-bu-but daddy has to cwose his eyes
hehehe *runs to the bedroom and looks at the different sets of bra and panties*
*undresses myself and tries on the black one first while smiling*
*looks at myself in the mirror first then skips to you* daddy, lookie! *does a cute pose*
and lookie, there’s a heart! *giggles and points to it, showing you*
daddy’s not wookingg *blushes as im looking up at you*
tank chu *smiles and kisses your cheek*
i gonna put on another one daddy, cwose your eyesss
*goes back to where the bag is then hums as i take the gray set out, undressing myself after*
*puts on the gray one then stands behind you, hugging you from behind* i hereee
i sowwy *giggles a bit then stands in front of you, doing a mini spin to show you the back as well*
thank you *smiles and hugs your arm* daddy, you forgot to take pictures of me *pouts*
i am hereeee *pouts and stumps my feet*
*blushes then squeals as i look up at you then makes a cute pose*
*giggles softly as i keep posing* daddy, i want pictures with you!!
yay!!!!! *smiles happily* now take your shirt off daddyyyyy
*giggles as i watch you take your shirt off* a-and then tan we have pwaytime?
*blushes as i mumble* i want daddy to pound me.. super duper hard *giggles innocently then begins to take cute and super sexy pictures and mirror pictures with you*
*moves one of your hands from my booty up my princess parts, my tummy? to my breast* but i don’t want daddy to ever stop pounding my little princess parts
*pouts as i wook at you, playing with your drawstrings of your sweatpants* i dont care *gently pushes you down on the bed, straddling your lap* i wike having daddy inside me
*squeals a little when you spank me* otay! *carefully gets off your lap and skips to the bathroom, looking for one*
*finds one then skips back to the bedroom* i got one daddyyy
but i gonna want cummies *pouts*
*pouts even more and shakes my head*
mhm! *nods quickly as my pout turns into a smile*
*sits on your lap happily*
*straddles your lap and kisses you back deeply*
*tangles my fingers in your hair as we’re making out, feeling myself get wet*
*whines a little against your lips then slowly begins to grind my hips against yours*
*whimpers some and tugs on your drawstrings of your sweatpants, continuing to grind as i leave your sweatpants wet*
*keeps kissing you, wrapping my arms arms around around your neck loosely*
*deepens the kiss even more, running my hands over your chest up and down repeatedly*
*furrows my eyebrows as i sxck on your tongue*
*keeps my eyebrows furrowed* mmh!!
*tugs on your sweatpants, trying to get them off* i want emto off now daddy *pouts as i moan*
*smiles softly and goes back to kissing you, slowly sliding my hand down your boxers*
*giggles and whispers against your lips* if i did, you’d be pounding the s*** out of me *smirks as we kiss, rubbing your tip*
*gasps when you spank me, looking up into your eyes then moans as you grind against me, and when you slam yourself i quickly arch my back and scream your name* fxckkkkkkk!!!
*moans loudly as i spread my legs open some more then grips onto your forearm* f-fxck
*keeps moaning while arching my back again, my toes curling up in pleasure* d-d-daddyyyy
*my legs begin to shake while my princess parts become sensitive* mmmmhhhh!!! *digs my nails into your shoulders as i cxm without asking you if i can*
*continues to cxm as you’re thrusting, gasping a little when you choke me, placing both of my hands on your hand*
*nods quickly, trying to loosen your grip on my neck a little then brings one of my hands down and rubs myself secretly*
*whimpers and whines a little while furrowing my eyebrows* daddy
*tries to point but forgets that you have my hands pinned then pouts* i want my lollipop in me againnn!
*gasps as you’re shoving inside of me then giggles* that’s more likey daddy!!
*blushes as i look at you* daddy gonna tink i weird
*mumbles shyly* i wike having daddy inside me
*nods a little and blushes, grabbing your thumb to sxck on it, mumbling again* but i still wike it daddy
*giggles softly, continuing to sxck on your thumb* i daddy’s naughty little girl!
*blushes and moans softly while looking up at you with a cute pleasured face*
*keeps moaning, still having your thumb in my mouth then smiles softly* i daddy’s only cute baby..! no one elseee
*whimpers and sucks on your thumb so i won’t moan* and daddy’s mine
hehe, goodie
i love you too, a whole bunches and bunches and bunches daddy!!! 🥺
not trueeee, daddy’s a liar 🙈
daddy should go in time out! 🙊
i miss my daddy....
stop weaving 🥺
pwomise? *hugs your torso tightly, burying my face into your chest*
i love you too daddy, so so so so so much
nooooooo *shakes my head and lifts my arms up so you can pick me up*
hehehe *smiles softly when you pick me up, playing with your bottom lip*
*giggles when you kiss my fingers, kissing your nose*
*tries to mock you in a deep voice like yours* i loveee you baby *tries not to giggle*
*moves you again while doing the strict face that you do*
*furrows my eyebrows at first when you say that then smiles* duh! i daddy’s little brat!
*kisses you back softly then giggles* i wuv being your brat *smiles* daddy spoils me
you do spoil meeeee *giggles again and pokes all over your face before playing with your bottom lip* daddy’s mean to people but not to his spoiled brat
but daddy can’t be mean to me at all *tries my best to make a mad face* if you mean to me, i slap you daddy
the only thing you can slap thats attached to me is my booty *keeps making the face*
how would you slap my thighs? tilts my head to the side a little*
otay *nods a little*
*gasps a little and jumps up on your lap* ouchie daddyyy
*laughs a little then hugs you back* dadddyyyy, i was kidding, it didnt hurt me. i a strong girl!
am not! daddy has slapped my bum harder than that *sticks my tongue out at you*
not every time *frowns*
is daddy lying? *keeps frowning*
otayyy *smiles small when you kiss my frown*
i love you too daddy! *smiles happily as i bounce on your lap*
bouncy bouncy bouncy *keeps bouncing*
*frowns a little then stops* sowwy
i didn’t know...why doesn’t daddy wike it?
oopsies, i so sowwy
otay *hugs your neck* can daddy make that growl, pleaseee?
*giggles and looks at your lips* again!
*giggles again then snuggles my face in your neck, mumbling* againnn
*squeals and giggles, liking it when you growl in my ear while blushing*
d-daddyyy *giggles and rubs my bum* myyy bum!
nooo, it’s myyyy bum
then daddy’s bum is my bum *pokes the side of your booty playfully*
*smiles and enjoys it when you’re rubbing my bum*
mhm! *carefully flips over, laying down on my tummy*
*giggles softly* is daddy lyingggg?
*squeals and wiggles my bum a little* dadaaaa
*shakes my head and reaches for uni*
uni! *smiles and hugs uni*
*begins to play with uni, staying close to you*
(daddy did my bio post?)
thank you daddy 🙊
you tan eat me!
daddy come back 🥺
daddyyyy, hiiiii
hi daddy
i miss my daddy
i miss my master
thas betause i didn’t know if you’d like it *blushes slightly and is on the bed coloring while my skirt is lift up, showing my panties*
otay! *smiles and keeps coloring* tank you master
*colors some more before stopping* i wanna paint daddy’s nails!
mhm! *smiles happily and closes my coloring book then gets up and looks at the colors i have for nail polish*