💫t a p💫

hi im back 

sorry for being overdramatic about taking like a 5 second break,

but how’s quarantine goIng?


💫t a p💫 hi im back sorry for being overdramatic about taking like a 5 second break, but how’s quarantine goIng?

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Yesss Kat the fourth is back😄 How are you??
This is amazing btw
pretty okay that doesn’t sound promising
we always welcome another Harry Potter collage🤩🤩🤩🥰🥰
love this ✨
I finally decided to finish the series because I have no other books to read and it’s actually soooo good👏👏
I’m obsessed
I’m midway 5 right now and it’s so long but I’m not bored, that’s some good literature right there👏👏👏
it isssss I have no idea why I gave up at the start, I legit regret that right now😤✋
but you can tell Ron likes hermione in that book😳😂
I'm sorry about that kat,I hope your mom stays safe from the virus
😂😂don’t worry aahaha
I lose the ability to type daily 😂👏🏼
I’m doing alright I’ve been enjoying the nice weather and doing homework that’s about it
please join my icon contest!!!💖
trust me I totally get it I don’t like it at all
nAh maN Ron and hermione :)) I feel like Harry and hermione wouldn’t be fun because hes mainly losing his temper at her lmaoo but idk😂okay but the actor for Neville had the biggest glow up
brooke got all upset last night... and deleted everything in tor and deleted part four.
so someone from tor found the part 4 account, and she said that was fine only 1 person can find it, and then she thought two people found it, freaked out, and deleted the account along with all of her plans for part 4. it went downhill from there
welcome back 🔪 🍵
pAhhH nOOO I think hermione and Ron are kinda cute
thank you. hopefully that won't happen again but it's always nuce to know that there are people there for me if it does.
huh, that’s weird. maybe she’s either mad or working on something. 🤷🏼‍♀️
heyyy Brooke commented on Anna’s most recent post.. I think you should go see it.
ok good.
yeah 🥺💕
oh, ok. 🥺let her know that I’m here for her.
I don’t know how😄
how are you kat
ur whole acc is just pure TAL👏🏽ENT👏🏽
i’m jealous of your awesomeness like fr
Haha kat your way to kind, but I don’t think
well i would but my pRiVate school doesn’t do any actual theatre productions, just plays the music guy makes up
but i love theatre and musicals but the only show i’ve actually seen preformed was hamilton (and it was one of the greatest days of my life lol)
what shows are you into?
I don't really know what it is, but i try to make everyone comfortable so i try to get to know them as much as I can
we'll your pretty awesome person yourself you should have loads of comments
You make crazy awesome edits that look so good
And your legit super easy to talk to and your always so kind
haha exactly and SAME that would be my absolute dream but idk if i’ll ever be good enough🥴
i fricken love into the woods and phantom, ive been really into the beetlejuice soundtrack lately
and yeah cats the musical kind of freaks me out and the movie also looked..questionable
That stinks, I heard a lot of users left PC
essays are the worst, I had one every day last week. I'm not a big fan of writing so It was frustrating
ikr i was so disappointed cuz i’ve seen vids of the show and the sets are just 🙌🏽😤👌🏽👌🏽
yEaH DuDE but you’ll probably make it, not me ahaha
haha thanks
and the essays were awful, it was just so much
i aDmiRe your optimism and hope so thank you for that
also what do u think about presley ryan taking over as lydia?
writing is a gift, I can songwriting, but writing books, that's something I can't do
The writing things on exams sometimes confuse me to no end
yeah exactly she seems sweet and is so talented for her age but i loved sophias version of lydia sm
idk why she would leave like if i finally got to be a broadway star after dreaming about it for so long, i wouldn’t just give it up🤷🏽‍♀️
and i don’t want to believe the rumors about her because i don’t want to think about that when listening to her gosh dang amazing voice
idk and yeah i think so
it was just sad tho because she was perfect as lydia. but i like pressley tho
writing is hard so I’ll give it you for trying it, do you still write a little
lmäo I (anna) was Ghosty
yOu ThOuGhT i WaS iNnOcEnT
well do you mean at like 1 am or 1pm? because 1pm definitely works for me and if you want i could do 1am, i just don’t know who would be on
lol sorry i’m just weird
but yeah 1pm works well
so i’ll maybe open it 1pm eastern time if that works for you
Thank you 🥰
thank youu lol
ahaha no don’t worry about it
in a week are you serious, I would never be able to do that
tysm !
What do you do inside that keeps you occupied the whole day indoors
thank uu💕
He sounds like a good dad, you gotta get your Vitamin D in for the day 😂
haha rap classes would be awesome, but tap Classes sound more like you 😂
Kat likes tap<----That fits
yes siree it is
haha that's hilarious, I can't believe he actually did that
aw thanks❤️
thanks!😊 and i got it at brandy Melville if ever you were wondering lol
thank you kathleen🥰🥰