our new theme is....


our new theme is.... 🐶💕🥺dogs!!🥺💕🐶

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♥️💕hey there!Just wanted to let you know that you are beautiful- just in case no one has said it yet! -Mary11am 💕♥️
Hey, would u been able to join our nature contest? We would appreciate very much! (Delete if you'd like!) ~Dreaming-Of-The-Skies-Icons☁️✨🦋
oh no, I’m so sorry! I must’ve gotten it mixed up, I think I asked if u wouldn’t mind being in team baby pink, but I didn’t get a reply, if u want you can still enter round one, you will be on team baby pink, just make sure to submit your collage by the 30th of July, I’m super sorry for the mess up!♥️
np! it’s the least I can do after messing up 😅💕
hey it would mean alot if you joined my battle i worked so hard on it and there are still some spots left -katie
ok i can get you a replacement for this week then if your team survives you can join
k the battle will began once all teams are full so im not shore when that will be