☕️5/Feb./2022☕️ ~tap~
Heyy!! Hru? Btw this is my entry to @sageswirl ‘s contest which i think ya’ll should join🤩 btw I did light&dark academia for this! Qotd: which is your fav collage of mine? Pls remix it! Thanks 😊


☕️5/Feb./2022☕️ ~tap~ Heyy!! Hru? Btw this is my entry to @sageswirl ‘s contest which i think ya’ll should join🤩 btw I did light&dark academia for this! Qotd: which is your fav collage of mine? Pls remix it! Thanks 😊

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sooo coolll
btw a head’s up for anyone i’m collabing with rn: my pc has been crashing several times recently so it may take some time for me to do my part! hope you understand!
and also if ya’ll still doesn’t know that i have an extra account or not, well, i have!! go follow my extra account @-bearii-
This is so beautiful! I love it!❤️
soooo prettyyyyy
Ahhhhhh I'm in love with this Style it’s lovely!!💖
Also do you mind remixing some pictures like your latest collages 100% ok if not I just really can't find any pictures like these
I did not know you were online I'm sooooo exited your online right now! Also thank you!💖
I'm doing good thanks
I hope things get better and you will do great in school I know it!
im doing good!! although school is a bit stressful atm. how about you?
Your going to make me cry happy tears your so nice!🥲
Have you found out about if you got accepted to the Choir yet??
I hope you get in girl also for Extrascocoa accounts I am help review!!😊
I’m good thx for asking hru
I wish I can review you one of my best friends on here
Also I love your new icon it’s outstanding
That’s totally ok I'm just in love with it right now!!
Also do you mind if I make a light aesthetic Academy collage??
aww tyyy💕
and awh ty💕💕
Awwwww yay thank you also I waiting again for your response lol
By the way I get to review your account
Your totally fine I get it
Oh sorry to here Pc is crashing on you also I'm sorry for the late response
I will be remixing your account review in one minute
It’s in the remix’s
I tried to be as honest as I could
No problem and I had to think really hard about what you can improve on because they are both so wonderful!!💞
Your too sweet
Remember the collab you said we would do in February what day or time works for you also it’s 100% ok if you can't collab anymore
Ofc take your time I 100% understand
Yea I know bearii is you
I’m doing okay. Schools just eh honestly just scared to get my report card for semester one 😭😭
I also have a question for you how did you draw the word light and dark it’s so good!?!?
ahh im obsessed
this is so pretty!! I am back!!!
don't mind me responding super late but i'd love to be friends!! your collages are soooo pretty!
i love thiss aesthetic sm<3
Thank you and yes it does help!💖
gorgeous gorgeous gorgeous
tysm!!! thanks for being such a great friend!
This collage is amazing and stunning
Wow love this! and thank u
Sofia I love all of you collages so all of ‘em are my fav!<3
fabulous 🙏🏼
yes it’ll be better soon!! also i hope you get in!! i love singing and music lol. i used to okay piano but i quit it and i kinda regret it. i really wanna go back tbh
you are so sweet 😍
your welcome
Woah, I really love this 😍😍
I'm doing good I just woke up so also tired 🥱
your account is literally amazing what-
awww, thanks for the sweet comments and i would love to be ur friend :))
this is freaking beautiful
thank you so much!💞
awww thank you, love your aesthetic
awh thank you!! I’m finding out today 😬
aaawww thank u so so much!🥰❤️❤️
you’re welcome! and of course!
That’s nice did you find out about Choir yet?
hey hru?
ok I just wanted to let you know that I’m gonna post today
btw I’m good too lol
aww tysmm!😊
this is so prettyyyy
aww ur so sweet thank you! and yeah i had this app a while ago so technically i’m not really new haha but ofc I’d love to be friends!!! :)
Ah thank you so much Sofia! I’m doing alright! How are you?
thanks bae! this is so pretty i am obsessed😍😍
ok that’s okay 👍🏻
this is stunninggggggg
pretty name! my name is Lem 💗
ahhhh thank you thank you!!
np!! i would love to be friends 💕
thank you 🥰 you can call me Zoie 🤗
of course!!💕
check collab page!
new post
yea I’d love to be friends! and honestly your user is swag 😎👌
Hi and yay I'm the 100th comment
that name is so beautiful! my name is aurora
hey Sofia! how r u?
Did you find out about Choir yet sorry I just really want to know if you got in
Fingers crossed hope you got in!🤞🏻
hey sofia! sry for the late reply, I play violin and this week is/has been a jumble of rehearsals for various things coming up :’) other than that ive had a pretty nice week so far! how have you been, has school started back up by now? <33
hey! sorry for the late reply! I did good in the spelling bee!
I love this collage definitely one of my favorites! <3
love this!!!