As much life as I want to update will be in the comments if you care about that
Here’s me and my friend face swapping if you don’t


As much life as I want to update will be in the comments if you care about that Here’s me and my friend face swapping if you don’t

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Romance: Okay so gather round children and I will tell you the story of how me and my girlfriend came to be in the loving supportive relationship that we are in today. So basically my girlfriend (who’s name is also Julie our ship name is Julie^2 you’re welcome) has a crush on me for like two months until after hoco she found me on Instagram and followed me. then she literally slid into my dms with a “hey :)” and I was like oH MY GOD AM I BEING FLIRTED WITH I THINK I AM (forgot to mention that at hoco she told me I looked nice and I thought she was really pretty and I wanted to find her again so when she followed me I was like y e s) and then we started talking and about a week and a half later we started dating :,) then about two weeks after we started dating I kissed her for the first time and it was amazing and it was actually my first kiss ever yay, fast forward a little bit and here we are today almost four months later and we make out in bathroom stalls like the teenagers we are and she walks me home sometimes and we cuddle in the morning before school and my heart literally aches when I’m away from her and she just everything I want and need in a relationship and I’m so happy to have her
lots of typos in that rip I apologize
mental health: so my mind has been really good actually because I started taking medicine for it! it’s mostly to help with anxiety but it’s classified as an anti depressant so I’m feeling a lot happier nowadays. it’s such a big difference to be on the medicine because everything is just so much better and if I accidentally forget a day I’m like ? this is how I used to live?? every day??? 24/7???? so it’s really nice being on them 20/10 would recommend
school: not much to update it’s just school I’m doing really well and getting good grades so 🤷‍♀️
i’m so so unbelievably happy for you, you’ve come so far and i’m so dang proud!!!!❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️
i feel like such a mom but honestly that relationship thing is so cute i love it, you deserve the best :)
yay yay yay that’s so cute ahhhhhhh i’m so happy that you’re happy and i misses you so much even if we didn’t talk much before lol but i misseddddd you and i’m so glad you’re back
missed*** ahhh
^^^ and it’s so cute ahhhhfkfkdkkdkwd
awww that’s so cute i’m so happy that you’re happy eeeeeek i missed you so much and i’m saying exactly what lei said^^ but it’s all so true ahhhhhh you have no idea how glad i am that you’re happy and okay💜💜💜
that's adorable i'm so happy for you and so glad that you're back !! 💛