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merry christmas everyone!! hope that everyone is enjoying this day so far. as some/most of you may know that im back from my messed-up break. as usual, I do have lots to say so comments [full poem in the remixes🎄]


❄️25/12/21❄️ inspired by @heavySOUL merry christmas everyone!! hope that everyone is enjoying this day so far. as some/most of you may know that im back from my messed-up break. as usual, I do have lots to say so comments [full poem in the remixes🎄]

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as usual, my long paragraphs won’t be able to fit the caption so here we are again after a couple of months, I honestly miss posting on here and im not too sure if I’m able to post much due to my lack of inspo. it’s honestly really hard to find inspo nowadays, I do scroll thru accs on here, trying to find inspo but it’s well hard I guess. cos it’s either I can’t pull off the collage or i can’t find anything that so-called sparks some inspo and motivation to make a collage. it saddens and breaks my heart that because of the lack of inspo/motivation and sch, many of the ppl that I’m really close to and did not manage to catch up,because of my break, are leaving pc. but I’m glad that some ppl who haven’t been active in weeks/months are actually coming back for the holidays which is great, glad to have these talented collagers back in the community again ❤️
next, I wanna apologise for leaving pc for an extra 2 plus months, I did not think that I would have done that when I initially wanted to have a one month break, coming back on the 8th of october. however due to my lack of inspo, procrastination and stress (honestly I have no idea how my inspo and procrastination can be used as an excuse for the extended break and I’m sorry if this isn’t a proper reading), I self-extended my break to 31 oct. I even made a collage (in the trash rn) and poem for halloween BUT I decided to self extend my break to the end of november. and somehow I still didn’t come back until around the first/second week of dec, im so sorry.
thirdly, I wanna thank each and everyone of you for 1k. I am obviously very very late to thank all of you for this but I never imagined myself to even get to 1k so this is a huge accomplishment/goal for me personally, thank you so much. and I do hope that some or most of you will stay with me on my journey to 2k and maybe more. i also wanna thank everyone who have been supporting me ever since I started or even at a point on my journey on here, im thankful and grateful for everyone especially my friends, thank you for dealing with my pathetic and stüp!d rants, honestly everything. and I definitely regret not listening to some of your advice and I wanna say sorry for that. but thank you, I love you all <3 and I’ll always be here for you whether on here or anywhere else.
lastly, I think this may or may not ruin some of the christmas mood for you guys but I do have smtg to share with everyone. well, the next 2 years is a quite important for me and I need to focus on my studies. no, im not leaving or taking another break that I may or may not self-extend. I just wanna share that I won’t be posting actively, well I don’t post that much as many of you anyways…I will still be online from time to time (don’t think I’ll be inactive with simply coming on pc unless I’m busy with sch exams or private reasons), responding to everyone’s comments, liking posts etc. I would like to apologise in advance if I don’t respond to your comments I most probably have missed them by accidents because I can’t rmb which was the last comment I responded to.
well, that’s all I have to say, if you don’t wanna read all those, I totally understand because it’s a whole chunk of words but I would definitely appreciate if you had the chance to read it. merry christmas and happy holidays everyone <3!!
@ caption: and as usual** sorry for that mistake 😭😅
beautiful! ⭐️ 🎁 🎄 Merry Christmas! 🎄🎁 ⭐️
merry christmass!!! 🎄
this is soo beautiful!! 😍
@caption ahh I totally get that— once I even left for a whole year and then decided to come back and be active. glad you’re back tho, and congrats on 1k !!!
also merry Christmas !!💕
This is gorgeous 😍
Don't worry, I don't think anyone will blame you for taking a longer break and it's totally okay to be less active. Congrats on 1k!!
captions: don’t worry, we’re here for you, and you can take ur time finding inspo. sometimes u have to look in your own life to find it. happy holidays!
this is amazing
merry Christmas
in short, I'm sorry i left on such short notice, but I will come back from time to time and check on yall (no promises loll) so keep an eye out if your active at the time. congrats on on
*1k and thank you for being my friend, I'm so proud of everything you've done and I wanna thank you for inspiring me to actually put the effort I did into my account. <3
never feel bad about putting yourself first, inactivity is totally okay, we are all human and the time will come some day for all of us regardless how much we post where we have to leave pc and move on, and unfortunately that day is inevitable, but I'm glad your back even if it is in actively?? idk lol, ly anyway and send me a reply if you see this :))
hey it's me!! thanks so much for your comments agh ily man. I just wanted you to know that I am so proud of you for now far you have come as a creator on here, like I remember first joining last year and scrolling through your account in literal admiration of how much talent went into each collage. I totally get it, school is a bit rubbish, but I'm personally glad now all my courses are things I actually want to put the time and effort into (with the exception of maths but hey we move on). I also wanted to thank you for being such a great friend on pc, and even though I'm leaving, I may pop on from time to time (no promises) and will check all my friends accounts and leave little messages on them to catch up. so ig im not fully gone. just not posting. and not active. all the same, thank you for everything. im currently hoping to work more on my art in 2022, and even maybe branch out and create a story, so ill definitely update you on how that goes dependent on my life lol. have a great new year and enjoy your break from school whilst it lasts, despite such a short time knowing each other im so so glad we became much closer and I'm proud to call you my friend. <33
I see. That makes sense haha
Well hope you had a happy holidays :)
This is gorgeous, it’s like you’ve never left!!! Did you have a good break??
sorry I took forever lol but I remixed the new version of the collab!
Judging for round one is open! Please try to judge as quickly as you can! Remember, you can find the judging post in the remix of round one!
this is stunning 🤩🤍 and your account is so aesthetic
thank you so much 💕💕💕💕 and thank you for following and always being so kind 🤍
Hi you might not know me but your account and collages have grown so much your a incredible at making collages and your account is breathtaking! I hope we can be friends I totally understand 100% if not I just hope we can!Lucy💖
Haha thanks, and yeah he dared me to change my pfp to a picture of him
Oh always :) you know me
Sometimes I even catch myself talking like them 😳
I can't guarantee anything haha but youd know if I did :)
Ofc <3
oh so Cool! I have some of these pictures pinned on Pinterest too
omg gorg
wait i love thi smmm
Amazing collage also any ways to improve my collages and we should definitely collaborate sometime