•please look in remixes, I did an update thingy aa•
hi I have once again returned from the void
I honestly haven’t had time or motivation to draw or anything and I really want to yet I cannot hhhh pian


🪶Tap🪶 •please look in remixes, I did an update thingy aa• hi I have once again returned from the void I honestly haven’t had time or motivation to draw or anything and I really want to yet I cannot hhhh pian

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yess! just being a cringy, carefree kid chatting with their friends XD though I wasn’t really hiding it.. I used my mom’s phone so it was really in plain sight. What’s impressive is how I managed to hide it for so long haha
but yes I’m also glad this place is still around and that there are still ppl chatting here. Cool to see new faces! and speaking of, want to be friends? you seem really cool :D ((and I love your art btw I enjoy drawing too))
omg, thank you so much <3!! cant wait for it haha, and don’t worry about that, honestly seeing more comments or remixes on my page makes me happy <3 and oml- that would be great, literally awesome dhajbdjandn but don’t pressure yourself to do it, if you don’t have the time at all ❤️❤️
I was just stalking my friends comments and I saw that u found ofc on an school iPad?
Oh really! Well that’s how I found Pc also XD
ofc not XD Yeah why do they put it in the apps tho?
I love bingos too, I wish my teachers would bring them back 😅 I’m gonna do all 4 hogwarts houses 👀
thank you so much!! wanted the quote to have meaning behind it so thank you for loving it :) yup, I’ll try to keep that in mind, tysm for your sweet words again. and truly apologise for making you repeat nearly the same things whenever I rant about this 😔😔 and yea, took me by surprise honestly. didn’t study for some and had those last minute revisions cramming everything in one go and somehow still did well :) thank you, im always here for you as well (and I do apologise for not replying as quickly as possible like others do), definitely would want to keep our conversations going so I’ll of course respond back to you :) trying my best to juggle getting onto pc and with irl problems, probably won’t be online every day but will definitely be online once or twice every week or even more sometimes :) my one week of sch break has thankfully started but I have so many school work and stuff to do (that I even have to go back to sch/have extra lessons because there’s just too much for the teachers to go thru when sch reopens 💀💀)
sch re opens once again** sorry it got cut off
aww…thank you :) honestly I would consider pc to be part of my childhood as well but 8 years on pc- that’s literally so long- it’s amazing to see/know how long you have been on here so I understand how this community is literally a part of you :) and tysm, personally can’t wait myself haha
it’s so cute 👀❤️ don’t worry about having little confidence in yourself, you’re doing amazing and just think of the better, I mean if you learn how to drive, you can literally go anywhere you want especially since u got ur own car now :) yea, it was pretty fun though I can’t believe how fast one week has passed since it happened. definitely was enjoyable and went out with my comfort zone because I was with ppl that I didn’t rlly know but was able to become close to them on that day. haha, honestly would feel the same if I was your friend, wouldn’t want you guys to ruin the car 💀💀
HEYY! so sorry I vanished on you! how are ya doing friend? :D but yeah same here, pretty sure mine know I’ve revisited pc again too but now that I’m 18 I don’t think they really care anymore- xD
and yeah ofc I can show ya! I’m at school right now but I’ll remix it when I get home :DD I’ve only had my drawing tablet since Xmas tho so there’s not much to show but oh well lmaø
and it’s not a problem at all!! ya deserved the compliment:D have you thought about using something like tumblr to post your art on or would you just stick to posting it here? :0