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wanna date cutie
hey I’m sorry your cute and he shouldn’t treat u like that he is mean but will u date me
hey wanna date I’m sorry for Chris I love you ur cute
hey he shouldn’t treat you like that you like him treating u like that lily?
I don’t know anymore
well he shouldn’t I would never treat you like that he makes you say stuff or he’s going to break up with you I would never do that so give me one chance and I will prove that I’m a. good boyfriend plz I love you I would never treat a girl like that you are pretty
I’m sure you would be a good boyfriend but I can’t make a decision like this right now. I love chris and I don’t want to break up with him yet. Give me some time.
okay I will give you some time
Ok thanks
np 😉
see like that he’s being mean
I just don’t know what to do.
see al he wants is pics and pic and pics
don’t cry plz don’t ur beautiful ur the most beautiful 😻 girl I ever ever seen in my life
Aww thanks
I’m not lying when I say that I really mean it ur beautiful
np so why u and Chris not talking no more and np
Idk. He said that he’s going to go have you know what with another girl. He does that a lot though
see and now he said whatttttttttt do you want he shouldn’t do that he should say yes lily
I can’t right now. I want to give him another chance
so u wanna date
I need some time
plz don’t block me plz I love you
i don’t want to block you. i don’t know why he’s telling me to do that
k thx
hey Chris said we can date he said that not me
he said that?
yes he said lily singke if you want her