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yes and no
if you need them take them
if you don’t then don’t take them
when i was younger i had an addiction to these morning vitamin pills
i would take handfuls everyday
i think that affects my brain
bruh I need some cough drops right now
my throat hurts like heck
it depend how much u take
if u take too much when u don’t need them, you’ll get sick and have health issues later in life
I am kind of a cough drop addict as well and I read up on them and it said you would probably need to take like 60,000 cough drops in a span of some time in order to actually die
You might have some stomach issues, but other than that you’re fine
although I would not recommend taking them like they are candy
eh, I had a friend who hurt her ankle and was addicted to Advil for a while, she went through withdrawal pretty bad, so probably yes?
i loved halls as a kid thats acc very nostalgic😍😍