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I am in no way trying to be rude or mean I'm just standing up for what I believe in. I dont care if I lose followers because of this I'm going to stand up for this. I hope you all have a blessed day Jesus loves you and so do I ❤


1•7•22 (tap) I am in no way trying to be rude or mean I'm just standing up for what I believe in. I dont care if I lose followers because of this I'm going to stand up for this. I hope you all have a blessed day Jesus loves you and so do I ❤

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I agree!
I agree with you, I’m not trying to be rude I just don’t support! and I love those verses!! hope you’re doing ok!❤️❤️ God Bless!
yesss her collages got deleted bec of a h8 page abt me so they commented on her collages some cursed words and they took down her collages
I agree with you, not being disrespectful to anyone but I just don’t support … thank you love this too
awe thanks so much!! I’ve been praying for you! Also yeah I am so glad there are people who believe in the same and are true Christians, so we do need to share our opinions too (not in a rude way)
awe thank you, you’re so sweet! ofc I’ll enter!💞
Ikkk it’s so annoying … i don’t think you can put them back on … and she dosnt even have them saved whic is annoying
but yessss I would definitely want to reshare it just not now bec I’m going to visit my grandparents so maybe Tom or the next 😂
aww thank you so much ❤️
I’m not sure, I thought about messaging them but I don’t think they can do much
your support means so much ❤️
I will pray for you hope you feel better soon!✨
I disagree with your opinion, but I appreciate how well you put it and how respectful you are being about your opinion. I want to express my opinion about the whole Sonic drama or whatever u wanna call it I think the reason me and many other people were offended is before they worded their opinion badly like it could’ve been written a lot more respectfully instead of saying stuff like “don’t ruin my precious bby” etc etc so that’s why I was offended but I think we should all respect each others opinions and accept others opinions!! I agree when u say this all has gotten out of hand !! 😟 I think we should all move on and take what we learned from all this, respect everybody’s opinions! (christians and lgbqt+) <3
i absolutely agree with this statement you’ve said. honestly ive been thinking abt posting something along these lines. As a christian i cant support the lgbtq+ community and i personally believe we (christians) should not be called homophobes because we dont support the community. because i still love and care about those people a lot, just like we are called to do. I believe the homophonic term should be used for the people who claim they h8te the lbgtq+ community and want nothing to do with them. Thats my opinion anyways. I thank you from the bottom of my heart for posting this because this EXACT topic has been weighing on my heart since yesterday.
I understand! no one should be prosecuted for their beliefs and I’m sorry if my comments offended anyone.
it’s just that some people who have recently found out that I support the members of the LGBTQIA+ community have been rather frosty/cold towards me and that makes me kind of sad. we respect that you don’t support the members of the LGBTQIA+ community and you should respect that we stand by them.
Take a ll the time you need I respect you decision 100% Hope you feel better soon I miss hearing from you and seeing all your wonderful collages your amazing!!❤️
I ageee with you, I’m not trying to be disrespectful and understand others have different views but am not a huge fan of it ❤️❤️
I am the last one to judge. I am a child of God and know i cannot do anything without him. I have known many different people with different relationships. I only pray and hope for the best in that persons life. The world is so very unkind and dangerous for people who are different. I pray we all have a place in our hearts to love them no matter what. God will be the only judge. Have courage to face the things we cannot understand. I love this account and will always follow ❤️🙏🏼
I agree 100%
thank you so much💛 if its good with you id love to repost it because this has been something on my mind a lot. im so grateful for you for taking the words right out of my mouth!💛
I respect your opinion on this situation as I appreciate your opinion as what you have said is very understandable. Also the way you have written this is beautiful and moving forward we respect everyone’s opinions and think before say/post something as we may not know what the outcome could be. I completely agree with you that things did get out of hand very quickly and how we can learn from it. As you are inspiring person to so many people.
I’d absolutely love to finish our collab ❤️
I’d absolutely love to finish our collab ❤️
what were we doing with it?
Hi it’s my Birthday today if you want come check out my newest post.
yeah no problem!! thank u for being kind about it :) and oh that’s interesting! I never thought of it that way personally but it’s interesting to think about ! although I don’t understand a bit about how you don’t think pronouns are important cause ofc u can just have no pronouns but like how will that work like how do u say for example “oh look at her” or “they is so kind” like without pronouns do u prefer “that girl is kind!” ? just curious!! again not trying to fight or offend u I’m just actually curious i’m not looking to fight lol
also btw I love ur pfp it’s so cute <3
thank you so much for posting this. i’m literally crying because you have helped me so much. people have been hating on me and and @SonicTheGreat so badly that she left. thank you again й💕
hey how are you ? hope your ok! and feeling better!!!
Hey so would you like to make a joint account?
Hey how are you?
haha yup… could be better my grandfather just passed away
Hey!❤️ How’ve you been? I hope you’re doing good, and feeling better!💗
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I know the whole sonic and avocadorable is really stressful and stuff but it’s true piccolo he is getting more drama it’s getting worse and worse it’s not any of our faults it’s theirs you don’t have to take the blame or a protest or anything leave them alone their better without humanity anyways.
But we all Appreciate Thai post you took time to make!
Hey know rush or anything but when are you going to post the collage contest winners? Take all the time you need hope your feeling better!❤️
thank u so much for this! i feel great knowing someone as amazing as u is standing by me and my friend's side in this protest!
hey queen. do me a favor. look at the tag for your shirt. look at what materials it’s made of. cool, good. do you see more than one material? if so, you’re breaking Bible rules. sorry sweetie, time to get new clothes :))
also, fun fact for your day! that Bible verse about “men lying with men as they would with women”? it’s about incëst, not being gay! are you going to defend that next? next time you try and use the Bible to be a bîgot, do your research! ;)