Happy February! This collage is for @mintflower ‘s contest and I love how this turned out! Btw have a good day/night :)) and take care <33


❣️1/Feb./2022❣️-tap- Happy February! This collage is for @mintflower ‘s contest and I love how this turned out! Btw have a good day/night :)) and take care <33

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absolutely stunning 🤩
great job!
ofc ❤️
btw I was going to say that I wish I could play cello lol
yeah like I wanna play good right away lol
but it takes time
wait you are taking guitar at school?
so cool first time hearing it!!
yeah at school and plus private violin lessons
This is so pretty ahhhh💖🤩🤩
I LOVE this 🤩🤍
just finished playing piano
hi. i would love ti be friends
I’m not open atm for collab but I’ll let you know when I am
I’m wondering if you would like to collab sometime?
ok when?
we can start today if you don’t mind
ok what theme?
text or bg?
ok sure than you can start working on it:))
ok no worries 💕💕
ok great tysm 💞
btw this is really pretty 🤩
you’re welcome!
Aahh this is gorgeous 😍
omggg this is amazinggg Sofia!! i love it so much💕
this is sooo prettyyyyy!!
of course!! you’re literally so talented!!😊💕
love this!!!
aw thank you!! you’re so nice!!💕
love thisss
that’s okay😂thank you for the input!
I like the aesthetics of this too (my partiality to red) and the simplicity yet complexity is perfect
good to hear I’m good too
btw did you start working on our collab? just wondering lol
ok 👍🏻
Aw Ty that’s nice💕
haha yeah that made sense😂 and we totally could and probably would!!😂
yes ofc I’d love to be friends!
you are so funny 😂
we are like besties now
sorry I didn’t start yet cuz I’m in school and pretty busy 😂
what time is is where you live rn?
cuz where I live it’s actually 9:50 am lol
yeah 😂
we can’t use phone
I’m texting you from my iPad lol
ok lol
how are you not tired yet lol
crazy crazy
lol 😂
idk lol
I’m supposed to do school and you are supposed to sleep but we don’t do anything lol 😂
no you are not I’m literally bored so yeah 😂
soo pretty!
and yea ikr! it’s so sad!
it’s when you choose a lab and it basically “working “ but it not I don’t know how to explain 😂
and I really like ur aesthetic! it’s so cute and it never gets boring!
heyyy! hru doing?
wait you have that subject to at school?
my next class is going to be orchestra
yup it’s fun!
cuz I finally get to play violin 🎻
4 songs they are Pirates of the Caribbean, Toccatina, Night Shift and Flight.
yup 😁
have you ever heard of them?
yeah I’m sad too because she was my friend
oh ok
aww thanks :D
that’s sad
I’ll do the text later
no wbu?
I’m gonna go soon to orchestra I don’t think I’m gonna be able to talk
I don’t think so
I’m hungry too
byeeee good night ❤️❤️
ofc!! congrats for 2nd place💓
This is rlly good!! 💓💓
that is a gorgeous name
you can call me roxy
I'm doing great this was my last day of the horse competition hru
nope, I do not have a due date yet. I’ll probably wait for a few more entries
I think it went pretty well thanks for asking
ahhh TYSM❤️❤️❤️
your acc is so cute! I love it ❤️
aw thank youuuuuuuu 😭😭😘😘😘
ofccc ❤️ and yesss alwayssss
hi there☺️ just wanted to let yk i have a new post!! and something i want to share💞check my remix💞
nice to meet youuuu ( well kinda meet haha ) but I’m Phoenix which you probably can tell by my user lol
Thank you!❤️
ikr, she’s so pretty! I watched Cruella like 3 times already because it’s so good!❤️ Also thank you for being the first comment + like!
From my new post*
hey sof! i'm good thank you, how are you?? and tysm, today i kinda took a day-off from studying cause it is one of those days where i genuinely can't bring myself to open a book lol😂so i figured it would be better to just relax a little lol;) how is school going for you? 💗
aw thank youuuu
nope I’ll post one later
good hru??? an ty
thank you so much
no i'm at home actually, cause this term we've had online exams bc of the virus☹️ btw i feel you lol, i always end up leaving things behind... but it's also important to be able to relax a bit💓
thank you
oml i’m loving the vibes
aww ty sofiaaa love ur acc keep it upp❤️