new theme.
it’s never too cold for ice cream🍦


new theme. it’s never too cold for ice cream🍦

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whoa I love the new theme
hey! thanks sm for your opinion but I can’t use it just yet! here’s a few things you need to do and then I can use it: comment your username, a positive emoji and if you’d like to be anonymous or not. also, to read a small contract and agree to it. tyssm again!🌻🌿
the small contract: hiya! before you start the survey that you have amazingly already done, (lol) I just need a signature from you. By signing, you will agree to a) answering all of the questions truthfully and honestly in your own and only opinion. b) to answer at least half of the questions and if so, to state a valid reason why. c) to NOT make fun or bully anyone else’s opinion that I survey on. And, d) to read all the questions carefully, taking your time and completing the answers on a separate collage. if you totally agree with this contract, please remix me either with your username or name on my page. contact me if you have any questions and I hope to hear from you soon! 🌻💞
it’s totally ok! you did amazingly well in following my weirdly written instructions!😆👏
I love you're account! It is amazing.
I love your acc!! you're so talented!!!💜💜
Can you please follow me 🙏😘
you are so good I love your account!!
your collages are truly so stunning! I love the soft colours you use for your text 💗💓
Love this so much! Simple but cute! U r so talented! Congrats on the feature u deserve it so much. Best wishes x
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hey so i made a new post it would mean a lot if you could check it out sorry for self promo you can delete it if you need to thanks in advance 🥳
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BEAUTIFUL! congrats on the feature!
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this, I’m not gonna lie, sounds so true and looks delish!
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very true, I ate 5 ice cream bars today. ;)
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you copied someone
I agree
so true