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Hi there is a mega collab on my account in celebration for 200 followers!! I know that it may seem as a small number but it meant a lot to me!! Sign up on my mega collab sign up sheet now!! Thank you for reading and yes, there’s a shoutout for everyone who participates!! TYSM once again 💓(sorry for the copy and paste message)
you can make the collage
or send me a picture of a girl, a theme and quote and I help you to put them together either one
that would be great thank you!
tysm for entering my Guess-Me sheet! Winners are announced and everyone gets prizes! Check the remixes ❤️
it's okay, maybe a couple months down the road I can have another contest and I'll be sure to let you know!
oml i thought i already remixed it!! i'm so sorry! i'll do that rn :D