Japanese posters- rebounder

ok but how is it nearly the end of november already...😳


🧤Tap🧤 Japanese posters- rebounder ok but how is it nearly the end of november already...😳

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and tysm
this brings back nostalgia or sumn 😭
its so well madeeee 😔✨
this is so pretty 🤩♥️and I know it’s crazy that November is almost over!! 🤯😩
this is so cute omg
This looks so good!!
Hey!!! I’m new here and I would love some great friends like you! could you come and participate in my contest there is prizes. even if you don’t join I could do with a friend like you (ps your artwork is excellent!)
@caption: ummm dude i don’t think time is real at this point....
thank you!!
hey so at out collab which part do u wanna do?
sure do u want a simple bg or complex? im fine with any
♥️♥️♥️ty xxx
um hiii lmaooo whats with me and my intro anyways i am so sorry for disturbing u but pls check out my main there’s something impt there for u to read if u dont mind tysm ~lyly(-phosphenes-)
thanks :)
ooo for simple like what kind of simple lmaoo
also uh just asking where do u find all the pics u use for ur collages i just rlly like them
hi I’m doing a contest and I would love it if you could join!! details are on my acc ♥️thank you!!
ahh thank you!!
tysm 🥺♥️xxx
thanks so much! and this is realyyy cool!
I love this!!
hi how you doing! you know I am inspired by you your collages are gorgeous! and that’s why you would be good in my games... i know what your gonna say “I’m really sorry I’m doing other games at the moment sorry” but that’s what everyone says and just please join your team could win and get great rewards ‘like spam of likes, follows on all my accounts, and lots more’ free_wonders223extras
awww tysm!
okay you probably told me that you didn’t want to do the games but... I changed the theme and guess what it is now! WINTER yay!!! so please come and join tysm!! bye
aww tyy! this is even more stunning btw!♥️♥️♥️♥️🔥
all 6 of my ICONIC WOMEN series collages are out now! it would mean a lot to me if you checked them out❤️ (you can delete this message if you want)
thank you so much❤️❤️❤️❤️🥺
tysm!!! im still working on the collab sryyy
hehe yessss
Thank youuuuuu!!! :)))
hehe thanks
ooh I LOVE this sm!!
❤️even though we don't know each other very well i just wanted to thank you for being such an inspiration to me❤️
aww tysm
omg this is soo pretty!!
aww lysmm girlie 🤍🤍
🎄new post🎄
aww ty youur soo amazingg
Thank you! ❤️
thank you!!
🤍sorry for the copy and paste! just wanted to let you know that this weeks aesthetic is... white aesthetic!! I really hope you can do it with me :)) pls check my acc for details🤍
hey there your in the top three for one of the categories in my 400 contest! go check my latest post to see ur prizes. congrats!!! -phosphenes-(lyly)
merry christmas🥺
thank youuuu
merry Christmas/happy holidays! Thank you for just being a consistently kind individual! It’s always nice knowing that I’ve got someone like you always supporting me despite my long absences. I’m sorry I haven’t been able to actively like/comment on your posts but just know that I’m always supporting you! I hope you have/had a beyond incredible day! - lia ♡
✨✨HAPPY NEW YEAR’S!!!!✨✨ thank you soo much for being part of my 2020 journey on pc, I hope this year brings you happiness and success ♥️ ~Mary11am
aww no problem! and tysmmm❤️
this is so gorgeous! 🤩💕
✨oooo ✨
tysm xx hru? u haven’t been on for a long time