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Thx for being here and interviewing 🐾🐾!
yeah sure! let’s start when your ready❤️
can you interwiew me!?
personal questions are allowed
she’s fake I’m sorry but you can interview me
ok let’s start💖
she posted something that says that she is a fan Annie the real Annie wouldn’t get mad at a simple thing like that
not really:(
this looks cool
my turn you said I was next
can you do me??
she goes by jules now
get it right
kk me ready
hey ♡ so sorry to bother you but i wanted to let you know that i have set a goal of reaching !600! followers by the end of this week and i'm also doing a ☆ follow for follow ☆ starting now! thank you so much and have a great day! -Live4Art
I’m ready for my interview
hey!! u don’t have to if u don’t want to or if ur not doing reviews anymore but u can review me