hi hi!! i’m back w my summer requestsss!!! also peep the remixes 🥺💚


🥳 hi hi!! i’m back w my summer requestsss!!! also peep the remixes 🥺💚

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can I do an anime character 😳
tysm 💜💜💜
thank you~🥺🥺🥺💞💖💘
ive been good! thanks for asking. i just finished school so im feeling kinda refreshed and bored lol. after school closures the teachers were just kinda chill abt stuff and we honestly didnt do much. i didnt even have final exams which was crazy. im mostly like bored. i should get rlly spend the time to get back into collaging. how are you doing? :D
aw thanks it’s nice to be back💕. so have you been listening to any songs recently, watching any movies, readings books etc? i need some recommendations loll💖💖
Thank youuu 😌💞🤩
thank u omg😳💞
sounds nice! i dont have netflix unfortunately. but you can tell me your favorite shows anyway so i can keep them in mind in the future. i havent rlly watched nay kdramas but sometimes they would come up on tv at the previous place i lived because we had the sbs and kbs channels. my non kpop/kdrama-fan friend told me Crash Landing on You was really good and now i rlly want to watch it lol but i dont have netflix :((. if u know any other streaming sites where i can watch some nice dramas let me know though hehe.
the nct subunits’ comebacks this yr have been so good! i rlly cant decide which was my favorite. maybe WayV’s. r&b’s also great too. definitely tell me your favorites.
for me, I’ve been rlly into the song “Vacation” by Gaeko and SOLE, “North$ide” by Destiny Rogers, “By My Side” by JUNNY, “Roses” by Gashi, and “YOUR LOVE-JAY PARKL by Kodi Green, Hyubin and Lilyn (although i dont think this one is r&b though)
thank you! 🤧💞💖
and same- astroworld SLAPPED
ooh thanks! I’ll definitely check them out
I’ve listened to a little bit of DPR LIVE. Text me is one of my faves. he has a rlly nice voice. i should definitely listen to more of his songs though
ooh I don’t know about summer walker. I’ll go listen to him too hehe
thank u!! 🥺💖
ayeeee shhhh😭😭🤪🤪🤪
is it too late to request?👉🏼👈🏼 if it is then it's okay!! no problem at all.😊💗💞💖💓💘
update ^^