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i missed you too baby :) ❤️❤️❤️
if you'd like
skyzone? i'm down!
okay. :) *smiles and walks outside with you, getting into the drivers seat*
*closes my door and buckles* you ready? *holds your thigh with one hand and drives with the other*
*turns on the radio and drives, rubbing your thigh softly*
bravo! *laughs and drives*
*unbuckles and gets out, closing the door and locking it*
*laughs softly and holds your hand, walking in*
*pays and smiles, going after her and jumping*
*laughs and does a flip*
*smiles and jumps after you, laughing*
*kisses you before getting out, helping you out*
*smiles and eats with you*
*holds you*
*smiles and kisses you*
*laughs and gets up, running behind you and jumping*