halloween dance friday and maybe part of saturday. new projects soon. 
can you solve the mystery of the missing boy?
the people who solve the case win a prize


halloween dance friday and maybe part of saturday. new projects soon. can you solve the mystery of the missing boy? the people who solve the case win a prize

7 14
now let’s see if anyone is on
I’m listening to my vent playlist cause the girl who was suppose to be my best friend was flirting with my crush after I told her I liked him. she did that to my other friend at are school’s Halloween dance by flirting and dancing with the guy my other friend likes.
i is back
stay fresh cheese bags
woah woah it’s national writing month guys
geez it’s already November
that’s crazy
so i kind of talked to tyler but not really
So...I’m going to see wicked tmr and it’s an evening showing and like I have absolutely nothing to wear
i is on
and i’m back
oh and you talked to tyler? how are they doing?
I’m going to the orthodontist rn
have fun- if you can?
now i wait
and see people come
I mean it’s not that bad
The orthodontist doesn’t give me the anxiety the dentist gives me
hi Jamo
I went whale watching.
let’s rp
ooh whale watching
Everly kinda lingered at the snack table. // Sandra danced by herself. // Natalie didn’t attend because she was lonely, so she was sitting in her dorm. // Owen sat down at a table.
Reynaaaaaaaa idkkkkkk
i are back
I’m done w the orthodontist
hey hey
i’m back
i’ve found more evidence to our case
the case on if they are or aren’t one person
well i didn’t really talk to them
they just were on my friends live on tik tok and said: omg is that AVA i’m crying and i didn’t know how to react because i didn’t want to seem like clingy ig ?? and so i was kind of rude but now i really need to apologize and idk how
so they’re different people?
i’m still sus
their story keeps changing
i’ve noticed that
and even if they are different people why are so many facts changing at random points?
oh yeah
i’m gonna add an update to the dalton case
can I run a few things by you with the dalton case brooke?
not to be racist or anything but Asian people suuuuuuu*weird voice crack thing*uuuuggggghhhhhhhhhhhcccccckkkkkk
tehehehehe omg ryaaaaan~
hi my name is Troy I have a basketball game tomorrow I’m point guard it’s shoe game
a potato flew around my room before you came- AHHHHHHH
nanowrimo started today and right when it started I basically lost all inspiration :))
how fun
I’m i. a predicament
Collin sat// Karma sat
are you okay
I found out my best friend has a crush on me
and I don’t know what to dooooo
I worked an hour on a Buzzfeed quiz and it wouldn’t let me save it or upload it... :(
oh nooo
I need more vines to quote.
or that...
that’s not what I typed but that’s what it autocorrected to
anyone on?
because then let’s rp!
Maya was doing research
Karma walked her doggo through town
also i won’t really be on tomorrow
just a heads up
it’s my sister’s birthday
and now, i will write and update on dalton’s current location
h I
ooo happy bday brookes sis
okay so what’s going on in the rp
Dalton and Angie were walking around this forest that seemed like the middle of nowhere. Angie says “It should be around here...” and Dalton says “Well you SHOULD know where your taking me! maybe even back home-“ and angie says “we have to keep going. they will kill us, and if we comeback to your home. they will kill you and your family.” and dalton looks confused and says “so...why did you and them take me?” and angie stays silent for a bit and says “there was some drama in the past...and they want to get even...” and they continued to walk till they see this town by the hospital
dalton has been kidnapped, escaped, but no one knows where he is
we are trying to find him, and winners get a special brooke prize
also the halloween school party is tomorrow
is the dance going on or nooo
that’s tomorrow
or now
your choice
i’ll take opinions on when it should be
i’ll flip a coin
but first
heads or tails?
I choose “or”
got it
i got tails
so i guess i’ll have the dance now
~ halloween dance has started, remix outfits or costumes ~
maya will just wear the outfit I remixed
hudson was talking to some girls, flirting like usual
carmina and zaylie were gossiping
tobin was dancing like no one was watching
dalton and Angie were exploring a town
yeet i work on costumes
nicolás was texting his sister about how she was doing
Myra was drinking something.
Ethan was dancing
Millie was also dancing
my layout sucks but 🤷🏻‍♀️
eliza stood in the back drinking punch // remy was dancing like an idiot // varian was being a loner because he’s a loner
I’m back 😂😂
hey hey
I love darling army.
their outfits are awesome.
Hi I am back
I got a yellow dress to wear tmr for Wicked
And like I never wear yellow like whahahwbsbs
My outfit consists of black, dark green, maroon, or navy
jdksjskks it’ll look good on ya👌
ouuu 👏👏
aw thank youuuu
I kind of want to wear my doc martens w them but my mom is completely against that😂
ouch I’ve always wanted a pair of doc martens
i is back
let’s rp
wanna rp?
we can party at the dance
do some investigating
oof i’ve always spelled the brand dr. martens because we have a restaurant named doc martens near my house lol
Collin waddled around
and i’ve just always gone with that cause the brand
i love all these outfits
we got bill nye in this party
my people all partied- except dalton. he was on the run with some girl he just met and can’t completely trust
awh fun
Karma walked in causing a scene
Reyna appeared at the party donning a fox-like mask and a low cut dress. She didn’t really know many people at this school, and she should be doing other things, but she needed a break and she wouldn’t miss a party.
Reyna is a goddess
yes she is
Maya didn’t know what to do. she didn’t really have anyone to hang with, because Dalton was gone.
hudson saw reyna and walked up to her. he says “Hey again”
Collin noticed no one was dancing so he waddled to the center of the room and did the penguin 😎
tobin started dancing too, he looked crazy
Karma noticed maya and walked up to her “hey-“
Collin looked crazier
tobin tried to look crazier
but you and i both don’t have any 100% proof...
so don’t come at me
Collin flapped on the ground and did...something. i don’t even think you could classify as a dance
also please stop advertising your rp here, it’s okay if you do once in awhile but it’s practically all you say
i will have to ask you to stop advertising if you keep doing it too often
if it’s too personal to ask you can say no but could you remix a photo of you guys?? you can delete it right after but then again you don’t have to because i understand how it feels to not want to put yourselves out there
yes she is :))
tobin started jumping around and looking like he was dying
reyna the goddess
reyna i going to be popular, just watch
Reyna removed her mask, “Hey,” she smiled, “Any updates?” she asked, pouring herself some punch.
Dam Reyna 😂
ok, but tell them to stop advertising too
she is going to turn out to be a queen from some foreign country
Hudson says “no...”
then use individual ones
you said you guys were 17 and 15, wouldn’t you have at least one photo of you, maybe a school photo or something
or you can take one right now
but don’t you guys all have your own phones??
I mean surely you could find at least one picture of you guys on the camera rolls
“I’m sorry to hear that,” Reyna said, “We’ll find him, okay?” she said, patting him on the shoulder. “But for the mean time, punch?” Reyna asked, her voice as charming as ever.
I mean just remix what you can find🤷🏼‍♀️
also if you guys keep doing that remember and tell the other that i will ask you to stop coming to this rp in general, i want this to be an rp and if your advertising gets in the way and it becomes all you do i will ask you all to stop and not come back if you keep this up. i really hope you can stay rping but please please don’t advertise so often, just every once in awhile when you start a new rp
also this is why your sus
you wonder why i don’t believe you?
look at what your saying
it’s excuses to just prove your real
iris do you have a picture of you at least
excuses excuses
just go to a bathroom, turn the light on, and take a photo. you don’t have to look good. you can delete it immediately. this is just to prove your real
Brooke have you ever posted/remixed a pic of yourself before? I’m just trying to list everyone here that I’ve seen
i did
but i deleted it
i could now
if you want
do itttt
but i look ugly
so don’t bully me
naw man I’m sure you are beautiful 💗
I’ve posted pics of myself and I’m suuuuuuuupppppeeeerrrr self conscious.
no you guys all look amazing 🙃❤️
I feel like we should all do it if we’re comfortable just to say “hey, we’re here, we’re real”
let’s all remix a pic of ourselves if you guys are comfortable with that
not trying to pressure anyone sorry
bahahaha it’s okay
i’ve done it before
but that was like almost 2 years ago
yeah I’ve never seen you before and that’s not what I was expecting. not in a bad way I guess I just couldn’t picture you if that makes any sense😂
it’s makes sense
you never truly know what they look like
it’s more of a guess
can we rp :0
yes ma’am
let’s rp
oof I gtg for now
Maya sighs. she plops in her air pods and listens to her vent playlist on Spotify. because she didn’t want to be social.
wait nvm I can stay a little longer😬
hudson was thinking about something...he then remembered something. he got a lead
carmina and zaylie were gossiping
nicolás and tobin were having fun and doing stupid things because they were bored and had nothing to do
Eliza stood in the far back, keeping her eyes to the ground as she drank some punch she might have spiked. she was not in a good mood as her brother tried talking to her, but she wasn't listening. "Eliza?' Remy quizzed, his brows furrowing. "Are you drunk?" Eliza didn't answer and walked away leaving Remy by himself. He scoffed, "Unbelievable." // Varian stood by himself in his Harry Potter costume, he had always read Harry Potter when he was a kid and even though it was an overrated costume, he figured it would work because he was British and fairly enough resembled Harry Potter.
Reyna responded to Hudson :))
my forehead though😂
im on my computer so cant see it anyway :(
though Brooke left
i’m back
hoya brooke
guys I smashed my head
on accident 😬
aw are you okay?
hey iris
you know the face reveal remix you just did?
maybe... we’ll see in about 24 hours
allie? iris?
is that really you in that remix before?
also sorry, i’ll reply for hudson
well i watch a lot of catfish
i know how to reverse photo search
and i found a website to do so
let me show you what i got
off I canT see remixes
wait how do you do that🤭😶
i searched catfish reverse image search
that’s what they do
you can watch catfish to find what exact source they use
hmm that’s cool
ive done that before when I find a faceclaim I like but don't know who it is
so i would like and explanation
what happened?
what i do is if i find it off pinterest sometimes they would have the person’s name in it
. . .
you didn’t have to use fake photos
that make your wayyyy more suspicious on if your real or not
and that was my deal breaker
i truly can’t trust you now
oh really
i can’t
i’m done
i am don’t fighting
i literally can not
wait weren’t there four of you...
. . .
because you don’t use all of them
and it helps with making them seem real
i have like 100 ocs, but i use a couple for each rp
you claim to have hundreds and then you guys just like pass them off to each other so I’m a way yeah they’re all yours
I have like 15😂
15 is easy to manage in a bunch of rps
except they all have no lives so like... yeah😂😂
I have hundreds and I have yet to count all of them
cause like I can’t even remember at this point
I swear to God there was four of you at one point
when did this happen
wait that was like two weeks ago that she left. that’s not “too long of a time ago to remember”
i’m back
hey Brooke!
. . .
whenever i want to question you guys, i’ll just say “. . .”
Collin waddled towards the punch bowl and made fuss when he saw the plastic cups
Maya read her book.
Eliza stood in the far back, keeping her eyes to the ground as she drank some punch she might have spiked. she was not in a good mood as her brother tried talking to her, but she wasn't listening. "Eliza?' Remy quizzed, his brows furrowing. "Are you drunk?" Eliza didn't answer and walked away leaving Remy by himself. He scoffed, "Unbelievable." // Varian stood by himself in his Harry Potter costume, he had always read Harry Potter when he was a kid and even though it was an overrated costume, he figured it would work because he was British and fairly enough resembled Harry Potter.
im back
....... yeah but that was two or three weeks ago. it wasn’t too long ago to forget when it was.
Collin scooped up all of the cups and waddled SeCreTly towards the door.
that was like the beginning of October I think
yeah so like 2 or three (four) weeks ago.
Collin was on a mission
hi Brooke
... that... I... what the... what the?
Maya thought Carmina’s dress was pretty. she had nothing against Carmina. she just hated Zaylie.
Pushing open the double doors, Collin then waddled his way out of the school campus
wait I thought you said you were 16
how old are you iris again?
tbh if you’re 15 you should have pictures of yourself on your phone that are REAL.
Growing bored, Karma searched for something to do. she made her way back stage and looked around
then you should be a sophomore
i’m back again
iris i thought you said you were 17?
you said you were 16
T H I S - I S - W H Y
wait what.
iris im don't I saw you say you were fifteen turning 16in a month and then you agreed to be seventeen and deleted your other response. I was trying to be nice but I don't feel comfortable at all with this and you ying
I think she’s saying “I am” to that shes a somphmore
are you the youngest of the sisters?
you said grace was older then you when you first confessed your ages so im don't trusting you, this has crossed the lines to the point where I even feel uncomfortable just being here
yeah she said I am to my question
oh shi
my computer messed omg im so sorry
OKAY WAIT. hold up. first of all I don’t want to interrogate you or anything but you continuously said that you grace and Allie were sisters and Rose was just a friend that was always at your house
and when you told us you ages last time the youngest you said was 15
so then why are you saying she’s tour sister all of a sudden
PC I swear😤
I think im going to go
for right noe
aww okay bye ava :)
that is not what you said before
Okay let me get everything straight: Grace (17), You (15), and Rose (14) are sisters and Allie (15) is the friend that stays at your house all the time?
I don’t... I don’t know anymore tbh. this is... sister suspicious... but idk... until we all have 100% proof that Allie grace And Rose are real then we don’t have to believe you iris.
bye Ava <33
then why would rose leave and not Allie. I just- I swear you said Rose was the friend
ughhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh hhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh hhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh hhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh
what. why
so how long has rose been gone?
also why did rose leave pc
and would she ever come back?
but if she’s 15 she shouldn’t be crying over our questioning
just saying
i’m done
what’s left is right and what’s right is wrong
ok, Iris, it is in our own rights to be suspicious of you. We can’t just agree with everything. cause then life would be boring. we have freedom to speak on what we think, and you have changed up your story a lot in the three years I’ve known you. when I first met you and for the past three years you never said anything about Allie Grace and Rose. You only started talking about them over the summer.
there is so much evidence your not telling the truth about your identity
meh some ppl are just emotional. I gave someone a compliment yesterday and then he started to cry bc and said no one believed in him and that my compliments were just making that worse
he be on his man period
I am back
holy frick what’s happening
that doesn’t make sense thoooooo
umm a lot😬
I’ll fill you in jat
hey iris, we won’t be mad at you if you tell us they aren’t real. I don’t know if they are or aren’t. I’m just saying if it’s the truth it will actually make things better than continuing to lie
bibbidi bobbidi boo
i’m done with this
let’s rp
let’s all stop fighting and arguing
check notifs Jat
I agree
what the frick. I just unplugged my phone and it already lost 3%
that’s crazy
Collin waddled into town with a bag tucked under his flipper. people were staring and one person called the cops because they thought he was a terrorist
okay, that’s fine
and what about grace and rose?
wait one sec who’s Sofia. I’m not trying to be mean but idk who that one is 😂
me neither
that’s a rip in the chat
Karma tugged on a lose rope dangling down from a beam, and a curtain opened revealing a sEcReT dOor
ok thanks for telling the truth
so are you a only child
thank you for coming clean so we can settle this <33
yeah thanks iris for trusting us and telling the truth💗
okkk UH rp No/W?
thank you Iris! :D 💕
thanks for telling the truth👌🏼
Creeping closer to the door, Karma glanced back to see if anyone was looking. once reassured, she slowly pushed the ajar door open.
I just repost this
yeah thank you iris it means a lot for you to open up to us
Eliza stood in the far back, keeping her eyes to the ground as she drank some punch she might have spiked. she was not in a good mood as her brother tried talking to her, but she wasn't listening. "Eliza?' Remy quizzed, his brows furrowing. "Are you drunk?" Eliza didn't answer and walked away leaving Remy by himself. He scoffed, "Unbelievable." // Varian stood by himself in his Harry Potter costume, he had always read Harry Potter when he was a kid and even though it was an overrated costume, he figured it would work because he was British and fairly enough resembled Harry Potter.
Collin was caught by the cops and returned to the school
Karma crept into the dingy room, the smell of mold and dust filling her lungs. She covered her mouth as she brushed off some bookshelves and then walked to a desk on display in the room. A single book laid perfectly center with little to no dust and a handprint on the table.
where is everyone
sorry I’m drawing.
oo that’s okay you keep making masterpieces
Myra was drinking out of a cup.|| Ethan was in the band preforming.|| Millie was in a corner. Julian was eating pickles
how is she? I’m too scared to talk to her lol
who’s elisza?
Remy watched his sister leave the party and walk out of the school. He sighed and then went to het some food because starving boy.
iris can you tell her I say hi? :D
Karma held her breath as her eyes scanned the book. the first 15 pages were just full of names. she flipped pages until something caught her eye. ‘Karma Caspian’...
i'm elisza. and i know i'm not part of this roleplay so sorry for introding but i actually wanted to say something's to you guys.
Collin started sweating in the penguin suit so he pulled his arms out and tied them around his waist like a belt. what a style choice😎
hiii heu?
so i know you just resolved all your drama and stuff but i know what happened between you and iris and i think the majority of you owe her an apology for the way you handled to situation.
oh uhm
also, i am not taking sides here. iris shouldn't have lied to anyone but none of you should have treated her the way you did.
I mean no offense but I’m not gonna apologize for questioning her. I did in a polite way and made sure to let her know we weren’t judging her. so no. I don’t think I did anything wrong
I wasn’t here-
i'm not saying all of you should. but there are definitely some of you who should.
but I mean thanks for sticking up for iris...🤷🏼‍♀️
listen, I know we were questioning her a bit too much and I already apologized for my mistake but we should not have to apologize for the way we handled the situation because honestly, all of us probably felt uncomfortable, hurt for being lied to, and annoyed. we handled the situation fairly well and I'm not going to apologize for getting to know what the truth was.
okay well... I don’t mean to cause a bigger fuss but you can’t just come here and except some of us to just apologize right...?
look, i said what i came to say, do with that what you will, but i'm out.
I already apologized for my one mistake like 30 minutes ago but the others shouldn't have to apologize because this has been going on for months and they never said anything mean or cruel and they were appreciative for getting the truth and treated iris with respect when she told the truth instead of being mad
well iris we’ve tried countless times to be open so you could come clean and we’ve been there for you so I don’t know why you are getting hurt when we finally find out the truth cause that just not how it works
Okay I’m going to try and phrase this the way I want it to be phrased...
and just saying iris you have yet to apologize for lying to our faces for months now. just saying🤷🏼‍♀️
so if you really want to go there...
Let’s not.
so I appreciate you coming clean but don’t start saying we’re being rude to you okay
im over this
I’m gonna head out
night everyone
if you want an apology, im sorry for asking you to tell the truth about yourself when I started to feel uncomfortable
No I’m not asking you to apologize for that iris. you’re right we all have ways of coping and I’m sorry but just please try and understand our points. now goodnight iris
iris, I personally don’t feel like I’m obligated to apologize but I’m sorry. I didn’t mean to offend you, but if I did I’m sorry.
iris I don’t want to be rude but, lying is a very very bad coping mechanism.
and unhealthy
now I gotta go cause I’m watching IT chapter 1 and I would love to not have this as a distraction
if you're talking about Brooke you just have to try and understand how she felt through all of this. no one likes it when they're being lied to and when they start to realize whats going on and that person still continues to cover it up, it's frustrating and she was starting to get irritable because you kept advertising reps on her's that she spent so much time on and where we all had good memories. Brooke handled it really well from what she told me in how she feels.
iris I know I wasn’t here but if your talking about why people would be rude about it, because you’ve been lying for months about it and you completely shattered everyone’s trust
yeah. I feel like Brooke acted how most people act in this type of situation. I almost snapped like her. I don’t like being lied too, especially for such a long time.
well iris, you could address those who were the “most aggressive” towards you so we could understand.
idk I’m kinda made I already have bad trust issues and it’s not fun seeing more people lie
to u
honestly, in my opinion I don't think anyone has to apologize. they're not obligated to do and nobody did anything wrong. there was nothing said that was horribly rud, just accusations that were TRUE and you kept denying them. we all acted this way because we all knew what was going on and confronted you about yet you wouldn't admit it and this wen ton for months
I feel like this just needs to be put to rest.
I think so too
^^ Agreed. I’ve been lied too before and it wasn’t like this but it hurt my trust and when people lie like this, it hurts.
iris, if I was one of the people that were the “rudest” I’ll say it again. I’m sorry. okay?
goodnight guys
I think everyone needs to cool off
imma head out now
hey, so i was thinking about what i said and although i do not take back any of it, i apologize for making things worse here. that was not my intention. so yeah. sorry about that.
it’s okay you two. Iris, I’m sorry that this happened.
Idk what comes next...but I mean I’m tired lol
I’m probably not going to be on much tmr
Since Wicked
uh hi
this was a terrible week for me
aww sal how come? is everything alright
you can always talk to me💗
i’m back
also sal i’m sorry about that :(((
aw Sal, I’m sorry💕
Sal, what’s wrong?
last night was... interesanté
yeah but I just want to rp now
there was a gun threat & bomb threat at my sisters school and they were in lockdown for over an hour
someone broke in with a gun and threatened to shoot but thankfully no one got hurt, it’s just scary.
omg that’s not good!
i am really sorry about that :(
should we rp?
now should i leave a new clue to help find dalton?
oh my gosh sal i’m so sorry
i’m glad everyone’s safe that’s horrifying
I’m so sorry sal, I’m so glad your safe though💞💞
you know when i did the reverse image search last night?
i just found something sad
i saw that on the news last year or the year before
of course, iris.
yes ma’am
it’s all gone
so I rolled my ankle like two and a half weeks ago and it got a lot better so I decided to go to a ballet class but It was a pointe class and my ankle was little sore but like I’m a middle of a grande jeté I tore a muscle in my freaking foot so 🤦‍♀️
oh no jat i’m sorry
yes Iris :)
Aww Jat :(
oh dang Jat. that’s horrible!
I’m so bored that I just remixed every picture I have in my phone.
also in the majority of the pictures that I’m in I have long hair. ew.
ye ye ye
ye ye ye ye ye ye ye
ye ye ye ye ye ye ye ye ye ye ye
imma rant
about annoying people
because I’m bored an frustrated
okay so I’m in this friend group with like 15 ish people and their all hanging out rn
and didn’t invite me
and their all sending streaks to me of what their doing
and I’m confused because like at lunch for the past couple of days they’ve been planning it out
the party I guess
and didn’t invite me but everyone else in the friend group
and I’m now questioning if any of them like me
and I’m triggered because it’s like if your not going to invite atleast don’t send pictures and talk about it in front of my
me** oml
so that’s my ted talk
👏🏻👏🏻 we love çråppÿ friends
s i g h
rp? we should bring the whole gang together
i accidentally fell asleep when i was supposed to be doing yard work
elizas drunk right now most likely // remy’s upsetto spaghetto// varian is being rat
jack dumped all the tea in the garbage and walked away dusting his hands off, “great work I did.” he said to himself, walking around
ember remy and quirked an eyebrow, “you alright over there?”
**saw remy
dustin saw a rat and screamed
Maya sighed.
Jessica slapped Jack. “No.”
remy looked over at ember and frowned slightly. "not really," he muttered before setting his phone on the table where he had been texting his sister non stop.
varian screamed back
Myra sat on the roof with a notebook going fiver Daltons case.
Ethan was at a bar drinking tea.
my creative mind is flowing for remy and eliza after they saw their dad
jack looked at Jessica, and slapped her back, “ruDE.”
dustin screamed right back, “oh shOOT ITS A RAT,” he said now running
ember walked over to where remy was and sat across from him, “what happened?” she asked, “i’m ember by the way, we haven’t met. “
can i join y’all in your rp fun time
Maya wanted to cry. but she didn’t want to do it where Carmina and Zaylie would see. so she walked out of the dance and started walking alone around campus.
i am so tempted to do something
thEn dO it.
dalton’s kidnappers want him for reasons i won’t tell yet, he is now gone and escaped. they might recognize maya and kidnap her to lure him back. tehe
should i do it?
Maya sighed. she wished that she could just find Dalton so that she could tell him how bad Zaylie was, show him the recording of what she had said, then take him for her own... but was that really the right thing to do? if she ruined Zaylie’s chances, then she would be no better than her. Maya looked down. if they found Dalton and he decided he wanted to be with Zaylie, then so be it. she just wanted him to be happy, even if it meant she wouldn’t be.
maya is big sad.
tbh maya is like me honestly. she wants her crush to be happy even if it means she won’t be. :D
Then this man was watching maya from the shadows. taking pictures of her
that’s creepy. 😂
big creepy
Maya sat down. she sighed. She looked up at the night sky. why couldn’t she just be happy..
Jessica dramatically slapped Jack back, “You were throwing out teaaa,”
okay now my freaking friends and inviting me to come over 🤦‍♀️
don’t do it.
don’t you dare.
also no one finished my “crEEpEr” so I’ll do it myself
aWW mAn
I am like 99.9% sure I’m sick
but I have to go to my friends bday party because I’ve already said I was coming and for some unknown reason it’s gonna be 4 hours long so wish me luck
good luck
lowkey wanna go
like I haven’t done anything today
I think Brooke died.
anyone here
me too
I’m also super tired and my eyes hurt for some reason
what’s up bro?
can I start 𝘥𝘳𝘢𝘮𝘢
yes please 👏🏼
okie dokkei
varian was in the basement of the school, putting out his cigarette as his phone started ringing. the voice was rough, demanding, but almost friendly to the boy, but it seemed inhuman like. "a deal's a deal kid." the voice said before hanging up the phone. soon, shadow like creatures with burning red eyes reappeared from the walls and floors of the basement, seeping up into the main floors.
one shadow stayed, standing right in front of the brit with red eyes glaring at the calm boy. "this wasn't part of the plan-" varian said sternly, his brows furrowing as he took a few steps back from the remaining shadow. "and yet here we are." it growled, the creature seemed like it was smirking before it took over the boy's body
bonjour my wrists hurrt
I am back from Wicked
I just watched “a quiet place” and oh my g- it was😤😭👏👏
i’m back
netflix just added more episodes to heidi bienvenida a casa
i am so psyched
perdo and morena are finally together
now we just need heidi with lolo
because junior is the WORST
i hate junior
but besides that
i’m happy
now i have to wait once i’m done for the first half of season 2
Maya sat alone still.
oh yes
the kidnapping
the man stalks maya from a distance. he had a gun and other things in a bag with him
Maya started to cry.
is maya alone?
her mascara got all messed up and ran down her face. dam it why didn’t she wear water proof?!
she is 😂😂
Brooke died again.
oh no.
I’m alone
a potato flew around my room before you came
fre sha va cado
it’s an avocado... thanks...
I am confusioan if this one is Kansas, then why is this one not arkansäs? America explain. explain. what do you mean in Arkansas?!?!
not to be racist or anythinggggg but asian people... suuuuuuuuu*voice crack*cccccgggggggghhhhhhhhhhkkkkkkkkk
Martha Dumptruck in the flEsh here comes the cootie squad we should- shut up heather sorry heather look who’s with her oh my god dang dang diggity dang-a-dang dang dang diggity dang-a-dang
i’m back
ima make this short and quick
he pops up behind maya and hits her in the head with the gun, it was a blunt object and knocks her out
the f**k the f**k the f**k is in the air? the f**k the f**k there’s white śh*t everywhere
he then puts a bag over her head and ties her up and he puts her in the trunk of his car and drives away
ignore me quoting vines.
and yes, that is the same car that took dalton from the hospital
i love that
and i probably should go to bed
Maya doesn’t- er, can’t put up a struggle and falls limply.
but i don’t wanna
but ackckckkc
oof indeed
ima head to bed
it’s almost 1 am
then sleep
but i’ll rp tomorrow
we have a lot to do related to maya getting involved big time now
okkkkkk gn
i fell asleep
I’ll be on later
hhhh i’m watching this hulu show and i’m already on the second season
what show?
hey children
I am back and ready to rp
is there still the Halloween party?
oh okieeee
Idk I want to rp but idk what to do
idk what to do either cause Brooke isn’t here and Maya just got kidnapped by her character so I can’t really do anything 😂😂😂😂
I mean last thing what happened to Reyna was she was at the Halloween party talking to Hudson so likedjdjdn idk
my mouth hurts
and I’m waiting for Da ppl
ppl hello
hey avava
are you okay?
kind of lol but it’s cool
i’m almost finished with work so i’ll be on later
alsoooooo happy time change
I just ate a bunch of chocolate for lunch
that’s a mood
ilysm Jeev 💞
so I came out to my mom during the summer but she still thinks that it's just a phase and we were in the car and I played girl in red and she just looked at me like 'oh'
where is everyoneee
i’m back
let’s rp
and have fun
now where were we...
brOOkE ivE bEEn wAItIng aLl dAy
maya was now in an unknown location. she was trapped in a cell in a dark room with camera watching in the room and cell
sorry mate
it’s okkkkk
my grandma came
and i helped my dad make some spanish food for my sister’s project for school
I mean I have possessed varian now and idk what to do with him but im plotting
and hi
possession...classic move
this will be good
Maya opened her eyes and shook her head. what happened? her head was pounding... she looked around. she had no idea where she was. “what the hëłl... where am I?” She said.
ooh funnnn
I’m watching clueless :))
A man then walked into the room. He then sits in front of maya in and a chair and smiles at her
i love that movie
I watch to many rom coms
“wh-Who are you..?” Maya asks, her voice filled with fear.
oh okay, well welcome
i watch too many drama tv shows
right now i’m scared pedro will break up with morena
I like watching them but than it just makes me feel like a hopeless romantic
and i am sad because i feel like junior and heidi will end up together
and i hate junior
he is too self absorbed and cocky
he thinks he is better than everyone and can get any girl he wants
i’m team lolo
he’s a genuinely good person
romantic shows and movie make me feel lonely too
your not alone
clueless is my favorite movie fkdfnkdjsnz
idk I kinda wanna tell my crush I like him
the man says “a friend of a friend of yours...”
do it
you’ll regret if you never tell them
believe me
do it jat !
the girl who is supposed to be my “best friend” likes my crush and she knows that I like him because I told her and yet she flirts with him and acts all bubbly around him and she’s done this to my other BFF at our school’s Halloween dance she saw my other friend’s texts to her crush (who was also at the dance) and knew that my other friend liked this guy then told me she liked him, went and danced with him and flirted with him. and when my other friend went and tried to talk to this girl about it she said “oh it’s just always been on my bucket list to dance with him. I don’t like him.” so now she’s flirting with my crush and knows I like him and she treats me and my other two friends like šh*t and when we confront her and try to talk about it she gets mad and cries and makes us feel bad. and she used to be my gf.
idk I’m scared of how he’s gonna react
Maya looks at him “Who’s friend?..” she asks, all the fear gone from her voice suddenly.
that’s kinda like my friends
me and my friends get mad at her because she just flirts with every guy she meets, and even if you like him or even if your dating him, she still flirts with him. and the worst part is that she thinks every guy she meets likes her. and they don’t really, and it’s hard because she is always talking about boys and hookups and stuff
The man laughs a bit and says “I’m a friend of dalton...”
I really haven't had a hardcore crush since summer so im not the best person to give advice
idk he’s a close friend of mine
Maya’s eyes widen “D-do you know where he is?! is he okay?!”
and like what if he didn’t want to be friends anymore or something
Idk what to do w Reyna
she’s kind of still at the dance if the dance is still happening I guess🤷🏻‍♀️
send him a no context video and then if he answers badly say it was a dare or prank
cna we have the dance still happening cause 1. possessed varian and shadows are now in the school 2. idk
I’ll try thattt
but like I kinda wanna tel him in person
cause I feel like he couldn’t just like walk away
I still need to come up with my thesis statement for my NHD paper on Dunkirk
what do you wanna say about Dunkirk?
ive never actually told someone I liked them they either found out or I told them after they found out
but surprisingly I actually did ask someone out first
how the whole community of Britain contributed into Operation Dynamo as a whole
Well after like a year of not liking anyone I kind of like someone...? Well, I think he’s cute, but I haven’t really talked to him so idk
oh kk
I normally come up with three reasons and than come up with my thesis 🤷‍♀️
I’ve asked someone out before but like it was over text and they said no
I have not bc I set to high of standards and I don’t really like ppl often lol
Reyna wasssssss stuff
when im back can I role-play with possessed varian and drunk eliza rip
Okay is anyone here taking Algebra II? I need help I kind of forgot I had a math test tmr and I have no idea what we’re learning
hello, my friends.
I am stressed.
aww... I’m not even taking algebra yet, so I’m sorry. I wish I could help. :(
I’m in geometry
but what’s it on?
It’s okay :)
Umm factoring with imaginary numbers and like idk- something with factoring trinomials. I kind of forgot how to factor from Algebra I which isnt helpful looks
ignore looks
Factoring with cubes too I think
go in for extra help?
watch khan academy
I don’t know how to factor imaginary numbers sorry 🤦‍♀️
Yeah I’m probably going to have to go on khan academy and it’s okay Jat
what’s wrong?
I have an e day trmw we have a to h days 👌🏼
my school does s & m days they alternate
oof i’m in algebra I me no comprendo
I have blue and gold days. and a Green Day (Wednesday)
yeah me no comprendo algebra I so me no comprendo algebra II
we have regular days and the Wednesday we have only even periods and on Thursdays we have only odd periods
I am back
lol I have normal days except for info Fridays and days we go to campus
im off Tuesday tho
I would like to rp so here will be my crazy detailed start
eliza stood outside by the school's entrance. it was cold and her face was paler than usual, but here she was pouring the rest of the bottle of booze into her cup of punch. she could get arrested again, get sent back to juvy, maybe even transferred to another school-- but at this moment of time, she didn't care. // remy had left the party, his mind elsewhere, too angry at the fact that his sister was drinking again to even go after her. he walked through the hallways aimlessly, trying to clear his head before he started to hear soft and quiet whispers, leading him to a dark hallway. // varian went up the basement steps and made his way back to the party. his eyes were darker than usual, his skin paler. he seemed sick if you looked at him closely. lighting a cigarette, he pushed past dancing students to the back of the gym.
Reyna was getting ready to leave the dance. Sure, a party is a nice break, but she was in America because she had business to attend to.
is it timeeee
possessed varian bumps into reyna time?
varian takes a drag from his cigarette, feeling the uneasiness that he had after the encounter with the shadow slowly dissipate. he kept walking to the back of the gym but his shoulder knocked into someone else's as he was trying to get past. his eyes flicked over to see a girl who seemed very familiar.
Reyna looked backwards momentarily, but continued to walk towards the exit. “Turn around,” a voice whispered in her head.
what’s it about
that'd be cool
yeah I might join the
that ty
varian watched as the girl continued walking, thinking nothing of it until he had a sharp pain in his side and head, causing him to yell out loud. he bit down hard on his lip and his hand reached for his side before a dark and raspy voice said a demanding, "stop."
oh my I can’t type
Reyna turned around on the command of the voice, just in time to hear Varian yell out. “I’m getting a weird feeling off of him Rey,” the voice said.
Wait- “I’m getting a strange wave coming off of him, Rey,” the voice saidχ
varian could feel the deep cut from under his shirt that had just showed up. he didn't move his hand when he turned around and noticed that the girl had stopped and was looking at him. "I'm fine." he muttered angrily, the cigarette in his hand burning out
I mean there was a rp with people from other dimensions but there wasn't ever one with a camp necessarily or a highschool
“Are you sure? Because you don’t look that way,” Reyna said, cautiously walking towards him. Her brown eyes slowly shifting to a yellowish hue
varian took a few steps back from the girl, his hand still placed at his side and the other flicked his cigarette onto the ground. "no need to worry about me if that's what you're doing." he said bitterly, his accent thick.
“Alright, if that’s what you say,” she said, her eyes shifting back to brown. “Stop. Your father can wait,” the voice said in her head.
...back to brown. She turned to finally leave.
varian mumbled something under his breath until something had caught his attention. was her eyes changing colors? "hey, what's with your eyer?"
“Hm?” Reyna asked, cocking an eyebrow, “What do you mean?” she asked
math hw is annoying
I forgot how to factorrr whoop whoop
literally one of the fundamentals of algebra and smth you need to know for algebra 2 and I just forget it :))
ew homework
varian frowned slightly, feeling as if something was overcoming him and telling him what to do. he held a hand out, "I'm varian, sorry we got on the wrong foot."
Varian. A name that sounded quite familiar to her. “Reyna, I’m Reyna,” she said, removing her fox-like mask and shook his hand.
man I rly hope the first part of the test will be only the first half of the Unit bc that’s what I understand
im sorry Kat I should get some sleep but if this is still open tomorrow we can continue this if u want but if not we can next weekend too
okay, good night Ava!💕
I’m rly tired but I have a seminar on a novel tmr that I just started reading
I’m usually a fast reader but I just can’t get through this book
woah this is open still
that’s weird.
wAIt brOOkE dOn’t clOsE it thO 😭😂
Keep it opennn
kEEp iT OpEn
I am running out of braincells
hi there
Nate, how are those chicken strips?
Hi Welcome to Chili's.
HoW dO yOu kNoW wHaT's gOoD fOr mE ?
Hi my name's Trey, I have a basketball game tomorrow
what lol
just reciting vines, nothing strange about that. 🤷🏼‍♀️🤷🏼‍♀️🤷🏼‍♀️
It's a avocadooo...thanks
Hurricane Katrina? More like Hurricane Tortilla.
Get to Del Taco. They got a new thing called Freesha-- Free-- Freeshavaca-do.
ThaT HurT LiKe A bÜTtcHeeK On A STiCk
"Hey, I'm lesbian." "I thought you were American."
"I spilled lipstick in your Valentino bag." "You spilled — whaghwhha — lipstick in my Valentino White bag?"
"WHAT ARE THOSEEEEE?" "THEY are my crocs!"
"HAPPY BIRTHDAY RAVEN!" "I can't sweem."
"Wait oh yes, wait a minute Mr. Postman." "HaaaAHH"
"...And they were roommates" "Mah God they were roommates!"
oop I’m doneee
please don’t close thisssss
kEEp iT oPen
there’s only one race the human race.
whAt AbOUt nAscAr
wowieeeeeee it’s still open
I’m trying to study for science but it’s sooooo hard oml
I’m working on a Anne Boleyn drawing.
iris are you gonna post it on Deviant Art
I don’t have school trmw
so 👌🏼
yeET I don’t have school either 😎
I’m at a tech night as a volunteerr
they had so much food and coffee and I’m high on coffee
i don’t have school either but i have work pretty much all day
lucky I have school and I feel dead
it’s Election Day or something
i’m rewatching friends
bruh I was so close to winning the raffle and getting AirPods I was 1 number oFF
awe :((
o was up til 4 am rewatching friends and crying over ross and rachel all the way up to season 10 and now i’m being forced to wake up
I love friends
and now
i am tired and unable to sleep
because i’m supposed to get my school work done before i start working
so i think i’m just going to sleep for a couple hours while my moms gone
i thought this was private
aw Jeev💕💕
hiya it’s Iris
I am quite stressed rn
school is to hard lol
see I can’t even spell correctly
hello it’s me