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Hey Miss Areana!👑 Round 2 for your Minis pageant is up. 🚨Remember it is due Saturday.🚨Have fun!
love your account never stop what u are doing because it's amazing and so are u ❤️❤️
come check out my ALDC role-play (btw it's ALDC_QueenZ)💕👑✨
Please go enter the Soft Touch Games!! We need you!! Due tomorrow!!
Pyramid is up!✨
love this😍😍
Assignments are up!
Reminder about assignments!✨
👑Miss Areana!!!! 👑Round 3 of your Mini pageant is up. Please put some thought into this weeks pageant! 🚨It's due this Sunday🚨
🚨Assignments are due today and you have not yet completed them!🚨
Pyramid and information about nationals are up!
Nationals assignments are due tomorrow! I'm just going to end the RP if nobody does them.
You are eliminated!
Come check out the Gift Maker and Christmas Supplies🎄 Also if ur a deluxe member check out the giveaway!🎁
Hi! U r not an active shopper of CSM plz respond to me if u would like to keep ur membership. If u don't get back to me by January 14 u will no longer have a membership. Yes u can purchase a new one tho. thanks!
Starting a new RP on my page! Come and sign up!💞