Collage by Mary11am


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oh nooo I meant sumpleaesthetix*
it’s ok lol
it’s technically me
soooo yay I can’t wait
simple theme right?
shall I do text 👍🏼
ummm I like my backgrounds to be slightly complicated
should I work on the bg?
yeah sure u could do the text
I’ll do the bg
soo what colours do u have in mind?
yeah sure
leave a lil space on top for quote
or any area for quote
any colour
yes ofc
do u like filters
how does orange sound?
what I can do is remix a few after and then u can choose or if u prefer with none
maybe a blue colour like pastel and dark vibes
hmm do u mean if I do the bg first? then u add a filter on top?
what about green?
like a pastel or aqua?
ahhh yes
pastel green
no filter to text
kind of like the filters on my collages
but ill send u loads of types snd then u can choose or we can just do no filter if they dont turn out good😁
yep great idea
hey what’s up w this collab