I gave up on the text for this one... I’m going to be traveling in the next couple weeks so I might be more inactive... I still love you guys tho💕💕


🌸🌺🌷tap I gave up on the text for this one... I’m going to be traveling in the next couple weeks so I might be more inactive... I still love you guys tho💕💕

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tysm:):) it means a lot. hey can we collab? btw I really love this collage, the colour scheme is great! so beautiful, like how do you do it?
WOAH SO PRETTY! and have fun traveling!! stay safe ♥️
this is absolutely amazing btw
So u seem to have 369 followers
Where’s the other 999,631 followers?
it’s not fair like how u so dang good
have fun traveling!
I love this
this is gorgeous
so so pretty! ♥️
this is prettyyyyyy😍😍😍
have a fun trip 💕
Yay! I've done one, but like I still don't really understand how to repost it properly
Oh and have a nice time travelling!
Wanna be friends? you're really nice:)
congrats on the feature wow u deserve it bestie
thank you so so much💗💗
aww thx love for the advice 🤗
Idk, you're the better collager, you decide.
of course ❤️
Btw I'm in my grandparents' house and the WiFi here's not great, so when I get back home I'll make u a shoutout
And I’m doin rlly good, but I’ve been so lazy lately 😂I don’t like it. I’m going on vacation soon tho so that’ll be a fun time, and it’ll get me up n productive
anyway Hru ??
you tooooo ♥️
THIS IS STUNNING!!! and congrats on the feature!
oml I lovvvvvve this so much❤️❤️❤️
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Really? wow I'm so happy:):) ☺️☺️
so how about I do the background and I'll find a little bit of png that you can put on and then add your own bits and you can add the quote as well cos I am so terrible with text. after all those steps we can edit little bits and add png and stuff like that and when we've agreed that everything's done then we can repost.
For the collab I mean
I'm really sorry, I am an OFF-THE-SCALE BossyBoots. like it's crazy.
So anyways what colours should we have in it? like I mean what colour scheme to choose? I know I'm taking this too seriously sorry
thank you so so much!!!❤️❤️❤️
congrats on the feature! this is amazing 💗
Yeah! that would be great!
wow!!! your very talented❤️
it would also mean the world to me if you checked out my account it sort of like a blog haha😂🤪(you don’t have to if you don’t want to)❤️❤️
hey! I just started this account and it would mean so much if you could maybe check it out?🧡
Yay! ty:)
wow you got a feature!! is that your first?
100th comment 💕 love ur acc! 💫
omg wow that’s amazing! how do you do it like your collages are amazing!!
thank you!!
I love this ❤️
I have decided to do a mega collab! Sign up quick so the spots don’t get taken!! Have fun! If you don’t want to enter that is fine with me.
would u please look at my most recent post??
love this!!!
stunning honey ❣❣❣
how do u get ur collages featured???
there so good how do y do dat???
Yay 200 likes 😃
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omg so awesome
this is soo nice!! SO SO BEAUTIFUL 💙💙💙❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️
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congrats on the feature! ❤️love your pic collage!
show me ur waysssssz
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are u v.i.p
This was so well thought out🙌🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻
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Wow this is really pretty!! I love the aesthetics and the colour!! 💕☺️
big forehead
300th like 😂
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fabulous ❤️
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