Well this is a very unexpected post...I literally made this on impulse when I’m supposed to be studying...I have exams until next week smh
Inspired by @sparklegem :)
QOTD: Fav quality of yourself?
AOTD: my sarcasm lol


Well this is a very unexpected post...I literally made this on impulse when I’m supposed to be studying...I have exams until next week smh Inspired by @sparklegem :) QOTD: Fav quality of yourself? AOTD: my sarcasm lol

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woah love the background!!
AOTD: Same lol I dunno what else
Aotd: i dunno
WOWW I am in love with this very beautiful
AOTD: my talents (editing, etc) this is super gorgeous gurl!!
GORGEOUS 😍 and AOTD- I’ve never even thought about it. idk rlly!
aotd: nothing honestly :( unless hair counts I just like muah hair cuz it’s a very very very very very VERY dark brown 😂 but it has slight auburn highlights
Lovely! AOTD: Ability to read people.
nice! loving this!💖
AOTD: ive never really thought about that😂
so cool!!!!
AOTD: ive been thinking for minutes now and i rly cant answer the question oofie :/
you know you can zoom in to do dots I think but you can’t draw cuz that makes it lag (which I hate)
sorry I didn't answer, but I hope you figured it out. It was the 14th of June.
tell me your thoughts as soon as you listen bc omg there is so much to talk about
AOTD: my craziness
@caption 👀
no I didn't comment then. That's so weird idk what happened
Lol, I can see why you didn't like it. it was definitely different but I kinda liked it
gorgeousssssssssss(haha get it? bc the snakes? haha yikes sorry)
aotd my willingness to try new things
wow this is so amazing!💚
my english assignment is due Monday, still havent even started on it
history draft is due Tuesday
and maths exam is Tuesday
and I can’t be bothered to study
watch me fail all my classes :’)))
ive been inSpiReD 🥳
Yeah! I'm kinda hoping for some more meaningful and lyrical too
OoF LaTe but man we indeed can
aotd-sarcasm and synesthesia
i understand ur point but sometimes people are just trying to experiment not trying to legitimately tick people off. as I said before, you can’t insult and assume that people just copy like that, it’s not their fault no one can control who gets featured so there’s really no point in ranting about it to us since we can’t help it😐
but like I kinda get what u come from but I don’t think you’re getting the whole picture
yeah you do hv a point but I’m just saying to not insult people about copying someone if they were just doing it for fun :/ plus I don’t get why you feel threatened or something by people copying each other bcz no one is doing that to you.
ig theonly way you would feel threatened about copying is if people were stealing your features maybe? but ig we cant control that..
but yeah people tbh just ‘copy’ or ‘get inspired’ by people to try and experiment with styles and as their account grows bigger, they change styles constantly to find one that fits them. it’s just all about gaining experience and no one is getting harmed anyway. the person who could get harmed is the original creator, but then again they could just ask the person to take it down (which no one has done so that’s probs why this is still ongoing). as u hv said. @meandmeonly is a famous inspiration account, but from what I can tell she isn’t effected by the copying so I don’t see why this is a big deal
btw I hope this isn’t a argument , to me this is just a ‘discussion’ some might call it, but from my experience, people tend to get very sensitive :/
lol sos if I seemed stubborn, it’s rlly hard to show emotion over text and what not. I was rlly just talking normally
your review is out💛
lol ok😂I see ur point now I’ve honestly given up on this converts
yea that’s true too😂but thanks💞
(im on my other acc and i’m too lazy to log into the mother lol sorry) bUt YESSS THATS EXACTLY WHAT I WAS GOING FOR HAHA😻
i based the sketch off of my friends cat, who is literally THE best cat, super friendly, super playful, but just has a rly bad rbf
thx for following me
this is amazing
haha thank you
Peonies smell WONDERFULLY 🙏❤
AOTD: my ‘positivity’
I mean it’s just kinda frustrating when they’re forcing their opinions on us but then get super offended when we try to tell them our opinions. but I see what you mean