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IT’S OFFICIALLY AUTUMN!!! Also this is a collage with Big_Reader! She’s awesome, sweet, and talented! go follow her now!!
QOTD: favorite part of fall?
AOTD: corn mazes, pumpkins, sweaters!

1022x1024 DreamPineapples

🍁 T A P 🍁 IT’S OFFICIALLY AUTUMN!!! Also this is a collage with Big_Reader! She’s awesome, sweet, and talented! go follow her now!! QOTD: favorite part of fall? AOTD: corn mazes, pumpkins, sweaters! 9•23•19

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AOTD: everything
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I love this so much! It deserves to be featured!
BEAUTIFUL COLLAB!! Thanks so much for collabing with me! posting mine now😊
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Are u open to collabs?
u have the same icon photo as me!
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I’m pretty sure you don’t maybe that was a typo
I mean I could still put that on my wall
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like you’re literally my inspiration too!
whoa this is so pretty!!! 😍 OMG IT'S BEAUTIFUL 🌺 Like this flower 🙃.... 😂 haha yep I'm generally a pretty paranoid person sooo
and tysm 🦋 you are so kind ❤️
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lol the 6 and the 8 are the same size hahahah
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thank you so much for both the sweet compliment and the advice, I will definitely try to talk to her about it! thank you again!
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hi Thea I just wanted to let you know YOUR ACCENT IS LIKE SUPER COOL! ARE YOU BORN IN TEXAS?
Hiii this is your new fan account!
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and yes it’s really annoying it was better how piccollage had it before
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what app did you use for this font??
it’s amazing