Collage by stephhate


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make me bxitch
you are trash
and u can’t tell me what to do hun
just hates me not her
your so stupid
u hates because u have nothing in your life
I bet your ugly
your a nobody that nobody loves
at least ik I’m ugly
your an idiot
gods don’t likes people like u
your rude
your probably jealous
plz do get out of here
you can’t even know how to love people
bxtch go the fxck away
shut the fxck up
there are so many people hating on you so my as well stop hating....idiot
can u be toxic somewhere else please?
if you don’t like her then block her😌 simple solution
all I’m saying is it’s stupid to keep commenting stuff when you could just block her and not have to see her if you’re so “disgusted”
okay and again, no one asked you to do this either yet here you are
also if you’re going to háteê on somebody at least check your spelling
I think you need to learn how to spell before you judge others.
Landon ~ you wanna know who loves steph for who she is.. I DO AN SO DOES EVERY ONE ELSE!!! YOUR JUST A SAD LIL BXTCH BEHIND A LIL FXCKING SCREEN. IF ANYONE should kill themselves it might as well be you bc you seem to have a BORING FXCKING LIFE SO SHUT TF UP BOOMER.
stop it dude
ok seriously though you need to leave Steph alone she doesn’t deserve it if you’re going to hxte on someone make it someone who deserves it like me
no I don’t lie u fūckingg dîckk
you should really stop hating
I mean itfp that isn’t even true and anyways like.. just stop
stop hating
don’t hate
idk but I’m not. I just don’t like hates
it’s you’re lmaooooo
leave steph alone
no u
unfollow me now
that’s kinda mean but I totally agree with u. I am ugly
why is everyone so mean these days :(
unfollow me
ughh really
I know I am but I’m not going to let anyone bother me by saying that
i know you are
can’t you leave Steph alone?
you seem totally obsessed with her
just stop man
shut up you buffoon 😊
Bro she can slay your entire existence with her beautiful leg so I don’t wanna hear it bro 🤣
no you
just like you :)